Rapid strides in technology have had an impact in all departments under the umbrella of Dr. Somervell Memorial CSI Medical College with the biggest beneficiary being the Department of Radiodiagnosis. Diagnosis being key function of the department, we are always keeping abreast with technological advancements. Department of Radiodiagnosis of Dr. Somervell Memorial CSI Medical College boasts of being equipped with state of the art machinery - with high resolution and very precise diagnostic efficacy, manned by a team of experienced faculty of high repute, young enthusiastic residents, square one technicians, technologists and nursing staff.

Key Features

  • Diagnostic procedures.
  • Therapeutic image guided interventions.
  • Training of healthcare professionals.
  • Research.

Library Facility:

We have well equipped central and departmental library to facilitate routine diagnostic, academic and research activities. The departmental library have more than 150 standard text books on various sub-specialties of Radiodiagnosis.

  • Radiography:
  • Routine x-rays and dental x-rays.
    Fluroscopy with image intensifier:We undertake quality special procedures under fluoroscopic visualization. The special procedures include barium studies, gastrograffin studies, sialography, sinusography/fistulogram, IVU/MCU/ascending urethrogram, T-tube cholangiogram.

  • C-arm (operation theatre):
  • Per-op cholangiogram
    Foreign body localization

  • Ultrasound:
  • Routine abdomen and pelvis, Obstetric & Gynaecology cases, small parts (thyroid, breast, scrotum, eye) and musculoskeletal.

  • Duplex Doppler:
  • Arterial /venous Doppler of upper and lower limb
    Portal venous/abdominal Doppler
    Renal Doppler (arterial & venous)
    Carotid – vertebral artery Doppler
    Pre-op perforator marking.

  • Image guided interventions - Ultrasound guided procedures:
  • Hydrostatic saline reduction of intussusception
    Aspiration – pleural/abdominal collection/abscess
    Fine needle aspiration cytology/Biopsy
    e)Lymph node
    f)Other masses

  • Vascular Interventions:
  • Foam sclerotherapy for varicose veins
    Interventional management of peripheral hemangiomas.

  • Feminine Imaging:
  • We undertake focused feminine imaging especially in case of subfertility. The facilities available include:
    a)Follicular monitoring.
    d)d. Image guided interventions for breast lesions.

Teaching and Training Programs:
  • Undergraduate, Postgraduate training in Radiodiagnosis and postings for other speciality PG’s, Diploma / B Sc Nursing
  • Academic Sessions:Journal clubs, Clinical club, Inter and intradepartmental case discussions
Ongoing Research
  • Dr. Ben Chithan: Role of MRI knee in the diagnosis of traumatic anterior cruciate ligament tears.
  • Dr. Sajith.S: Role of high frequency ultrasonography and mammography in the evaluation of breast lesions.
  • Dr. Kevin Varghese: Treatment outcomes of ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy in lower limb varicose veins.
  • Dr. Shabir Mohammed: To evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of computed tomography over magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of acute and subacute ischaemic stroke.
  • Dr. Kevin Saji Thomas: Role of ultrasound and cross – sectional imaging in diagnosis and characterisation of adrenal mass lesions.
  • Dr. Minu Mohandas: Classification of nodular thyroid disease based on TIRADS (thyroid imaging reporting and data system) and its diagnostic accuracy.
  • Dr. Hafeed Abdulla: Role of multidetector computed tomography in evaluation of paranasal sinus pathologies with histopathological correlation.
  • Dr. Jithu Suresh Babu: Role of extra cranial carotid duplex sonography in patients with computed tomography (CT)/MRI proven anterior circulation stroke.
Community Oriented Diagnostic Program:
  • Community oriented breast screening.
  • Varicose vein clinic
Paper Presentation

Sl. No Topic Authors Remarks
1 Role of MRI in characterizing sonographically complex adnexal masses Dr Kevin Saji Thomas 17th Asian Oceanian Congress and the 71st Annual Conference of the Indian Radiology and Imaging Association (IRIA) held at the Rennaisance Hotel and Convention Centre , Powai, Mumbai from 25-28 January 2018


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Teaching Staff of Department of Radiodiagnosis
1 Dr. Laly Jose Professor and HOD
2 Dr. Nita. H Professor
3 Dr. Anil Prahladan Associate Professor
4 Dr. Jeeja Vijayan Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Navya Christopher Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Saikumar S. G Senior Resident
7 Dr. Anoop Koshy Thomas Senior Resident
8 Dr. Swaroop Sankar G. R Junior Resident
9 Dr. Anjana Augustine Junior Resident
10 Dr. Mariya Renny Mathew Junior Resident
11 Dr. Sandra Jones Junior Resident
12 Dr. Allan George Cherian Junior Resident
13 Dr. Sneha Elizabath Junior Resident
14 Dr. Justin James Junior Resident
15 Dr. Amal Gopan G L Junior Resident

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Dr. Laly Jose

Professor and HOD (DNB)

(Promoted as Professor on 12.9.2014)

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