The department started functioning in November 2001.The first batch of 100 MBBS students were admitted in 2002.


Total intake of 100 students per year.Regular classes for Ist Professional MBBS include 7 to 10 lecture classes and 8 practical sessions per week. Small group discussions, tutorials and seminars are also included in the teaching schedule.

Horizontal integration sessions involving the three preclinical departments and vertical integration sessions involving all the Pre clinical, Para Clinical and Clinical departments are also being conducted.

Regular day to day assessments, monthly short tests and 3 sessional examinations, of which last one is a university model examination, are being conducted .The weak performers are given special coaching in the evening hours by the resident faculty. Progress of the student is being reported to the parents regularly.

Paramedical courses

For the Ist year B.Sc Nursing students (50 students) theory classes of 3-4 hours per week, for the DMLT students total 30 hours, fot DOTAT students a total of 10 hours, for the MHA students a total of 25 hours, for the DRT students a total of 60 hours orientation sessions are being taken. DOTT students are also being oriented.

The department organizes CME programmes every two years. Faculty members of the department regularly attend various scientific programmes conducted at different institutions, including National Conferences, as faculty and delegates. The faculty if the department regularly attend the monthly scientific sessions organized by the Clinical Club of our college. They also participate in the activities of the Medical Education Unit of our Institution as faculty and delegates.

University Examination

The exam results had always been good .In the University examinations conducted by KUHS for MBBS students of 2015 batch, there was 92% pass with 9 distinctions and 38 first classes.

On-Going Researches

Sl. No Titlt Investigator
1 Multimedia assisted teaching – learning process: An effective tool Dr Sayam Subash, Assistant Professor and Dr Delinda Linu Swornila, Associate Professor, Physiology Co-investigators- Dr Anusha Merline and Dr. L Prasanna Kumari- Professor, Dr L Aswathy, Assistant Professor and Dr Varsha D – Tutor , Department of Physiology


Sl. No Title Investigator
1 Effectiveness of Medical Council of India guided Basic Workshop on Medical Education Technologies Dr D. Delinda Linu Swornila Associate Professor


Sl. No Topic Author Journal Remarks
1 Alterations in Physiological parameters in childhood obesity Dr J Anusha Merline, Dr S Baburaj, Ajitha Jothis S T International Journal of Applied Research pISSN-2394-7500, eISSN-2394-5869/Vol. 7/ Issue 12, November 2021
2 Comparison of power point with animation enhanced traditional demonstration and traditional practical demonstration in physiology among first year undergraduate mediclal students Sayam Subhash, Delinda Linu Swornila D, Pramod Thomas, Aswathy L, Anusha Merline J, Prasanna Kumari L, Varsha D International Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology pISSN-2279-0861, eISSN-2279-0853/Vol. 8/ Issue 10, July 2018
3 Effect of Hypertension on Motor Nerve Conduction Variables Aswathy Lloyds, Sayam Subhash, Delinda Linu Swarnila, Anusha Merline Justus International Society for evidence based medical practice pISSN-2349-2562, eISSN-2349-2570/Vol. 3, Issue 75/2016
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9 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Breastfeeding among mothers visiting a tertiary care center in South Kerala Dr. Nesamony Maneksh Kumar, Dr. Delinda Linu Swornila , Miss Shruthi P International Journal of Scientific Research Volume 6, Issue 5 May 2017, ISSN 2277-8179
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Teaching Staff of Department of Physiology
1 Dr. D. Delinda Linu Swornila Professor and HOD
2 Dr. Mallika Gopinath Professor
3 Dr. J. Anusha Merline Professor
4 Dr. L. Aswathy Professor
5 Dr. Adlin S R Tutor
6 Dr. Apsara A Tutor
7 Dr. Benish S M Tutor
8 Dr. Ancy Das M J Tutor
9 Dr. Gold Sushmi. S Tutor
10 Dr. Renisha Mary Pearl. P Tutor
11 Dr. Arun S Tutor
12 Dr. Vijala Vijayan Tutor
13 Dr. Sreelakshmy Sambasivan Tutor

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Dr. D. Delinda Linu Swornila

Professor and HOD (MD)

(Promoted as Associate Professor on 22.4.2014; Promoted as Professor on 1.6.2017)

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