The faculty of the department consists of 1 Professor, Two Associate Professor, 2 Bsc MLT Technicians, 6 DMLT Lab Technicians and other required numbers of subordinate staff. The department is undertaking teaching of MBBS, Bsc Nursing, General Nursing and DMLT students etc.

The department 4 is carrying out routine bacteriological culture tests on all specimens and the fungal and M.tuberculosis culture tests.

Apart from the routine serology tests like Widal, VDRL, RF,CRP we are also doing Special tests like Elisa for HIV, HBsAg, HCV, Dengue IgM, Lepto Igm,TPHA for syphilis. Western Blot confirmatory test for HIV.

The department is equipped with special equipments like Dark ground microscopy, BOD incubator for fungal culture, Deep freezer, Biosafety laminar flow working benches apart from the conventional instruments required for teaching institution.

Academic Activities

The department is conducting theory and practical classes on Microbiology for II MBBS students, B.sc Nursing, DMLT students and MHA course.

Laboratory Service

Biological, Fungal and Mycobacterium tuberculosis culture of the various specimens received in the laboratory are performed routinely and reports are given under the supervision of microbiology faculty. Other tests done and reported are the routine serological tests like widal test, RPR for syphilis, Rheumatoid factor and CRP. ELISA tests are done for HIV, HBsAg, HCV, Dengue IgM, hepto IgM, ANA and ds DNA.

Quality of water samples from different sources are routinely tested and also from dialysis unit.

Surveillance of Operation Theatres, ICUs and Blood Bank are routinely conducted.


Incibators, electrical (large) 37 degree celsius 4
Autoclave 3
Hot air sterlizer 2
Arnoldssterilser 2
Serum inspissators 2
Balance, Chemical 2
Lovibond comparators 1
Flasks flat bottom 50cc 6
Microscope oil-immersion 55
Moveable stage Abbe, condenser etc. 1
Microscope, dark ground work with arc lamp arrangement etc. 4
Refrigerators 2
Micrometer eye pieces 2
Micrometer stage 2
Centrifuge, Electrical high power 1
Refrigerated centrifuge 2
Distilled water still 1
Distilled water plant all glass 60
Oil immersion lens for students microscope 500
Dropping bottles for stains (Plastic) 60
Staining troughs 3
Anaerobic apparatus 1
Electrophorosis complete set B.O.D incubator 2
Laminer flow table 2
Ultra Violet (U.V) lamps 1
Venereal Diseases Research Laboratory (V.D.R.L) shaker 2
Computer unit 1
Overhead projector 1
Water bath (Serological) 37 degree celsus 1
Water bath (Serological) 56 degree celsus 1
Deep freeze(-20 degree celsus) 1
Elisa Reader, Dispensor and Washer 1
Binocular Microscope 2
Freezing Centrifuge 2
Thermometers (Assorted) 12
Glassware, such as pipettes burettes, beakers, conical flasks, petri dishes of different sizes, reagent bottles etc. Material for preparation of media available
Material for preparation of Medium, available
Stains available
PH Determination apparatus 2
Reagent bottles with stopper
2000 cc 10
1000 cc 60
500 cc fourty
250 cc 25
100 cc 100
50 cc 100
Test tubers hard glass 150 mm x 18 mm available
100 mm x 12 mm available
75 mm x 12 mm Available

On-Going Researches

Sl. No Title Authors
1 Characterization of Candida isolates from clinically suspected vulvovaginal candidiasis Mr Jobin S R


Sl. No Title Authors
1 Bacteriological profile of organisms isolated from blood culture in a tertiary care centre .(SBMR project) Dr. Rema Devi. S


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1 Early diagnosis of atypical pneumonia among children by using immunofluorescence biochip method Bewin Oral J, Usha H C, Madhuri Kulkarni, Goldy S J, Rema Devi S, Jobin S R International Journal of Microbiology March 2020 Volume 13 Issue 3
2 Clinico-microbiological study of blood stream infections among patients admitted to critical care units Bewin Oral J, Madhuri Kulkarni, Goldy S J International Journal of Microbiology October 2019 Volume 12 Issue 1
3 Placental thickness and its correlation with estimated foetal weight: a cross-sectional study in a tertiary care centre in South India Goldy S.J., Sheba Rosatte Victor, Bewin Oral J., Adlin Thangam, Usha Christopher, Adlin Rose International Journal of Reproduction , Contraception , Obstetrics and Gynecology April 2019 Volume 8 Issue 4
4 Multiple vaginal examinations and early neonatal sepsis Usha Christopher, Goldy SJ, Bewin Oral J, Adlin Rose C International Journal of Reproduction , Contraception , Obstetrics and Gynecology March 2019 Volume 8 Issue 3
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6 A study of Onychomycoses in a tertiary Care hospital Tejashree A, Raghavandra , Deepashree R Bewin Oral J Journal of Medical science & clinical research 2015; vol3,Issue1, 3692-3696
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13 Cytomegalovirus infection-associated Hemophagocytic syndrome Mohammed Hisham, Hridya, S Remadevi, M P Jayakrishnan Journal of academy of clinical microbiology 2013;15(1).

Teaching Staff of Department of Microbiology
1 Dr. Shoba Kurian Pulikottil Professor and HOD
2 Dr. Rema Devi S. Professor
3 Dr. L. Suresh Babu Professor
4 Dr. Leeja Latheef. L Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Lathika. S Assistant Professor
6 Mr. Jobin S.R Assistant Professor
7 Mrs Deepa P. S Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Arya S. Devi Senior Resident
9 Dr. Subin S Suku Tutor
10 Dr. Nithin Rolige D V Tutor
11 Dr. Avishkar. J Tutor
12 Dr. Arsha Krishanan Tutor
13 Dr. Edwin J Stuvert Tutor
14 Dr. Dijin A S Tutor
15 Dr. Dharson. S Tutor
16 Dr. Dev Anvin R A Tutor

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Dr. Shoba Kurian Pulikottil

Professor and HOD (MD)

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