The department is well staffed with dedicated, qualified anatomists who are tuned to innovative approaches in the teaching of this most difficult subject in medical curriculum.

All faculty members hone their skills through periodical participation in workshops, conferences and CMEs.

Academic Activities :

Teaching programmes follow the syllabus given by Medical Council of India 1997. Out and out emphasis is placed on the clinical application of the subject during the training in gross anatomy, microscopic anatomy and embryology and genetics. Students are specially trained to apply anatomical knowledge to bedside medicine using problem based and problem solving approaches. Computer assisted learning using Power point presentations, CDS on the subject and other teaching aids are used to simplify for the students.

Formative evaluation is accorded the highest priority. Students are assessed on day to day basis in short written tests, viva voce, seminars, group discussions, spotters and quizzes. Sessional examinations are conducted on the pattern of University examinations.

    1.Dissection Laboratory
  • The dissection hall is a spacious and well ventilated, air-cooled dissection hall, equipped with a bone library, articulated skeletons, x-ray viewing lobbies and charts. Embalming unit and cold storage chambers are attached to the dissection laboratory.
  • 2.Histology Laboratory
  • Students are provided with good quality light microscopes and a set of microscopic slides to study microscopic anatomy .A trinocular microscope attached to a video camera and CCTV is available for demonstrating the slided to the students.
  • 3.Museum
  • The museum is the show piece of the department and the institution .About 320 mounted specimens prepared by the department staff are displayed region wise. There is a display of the models depicting stages in the development if different organs of the human body.
  • 4.Department Library
  • The library is equipped with 130 books, including an adequate number of the latest books in all branches of the subject, CDs on gross anatomy and histology.
  • 5.Lecture and Demonstration
  • Classes for Nursing, DRT and MHA students are handled by the faculty members.

Sl. No Topic Author
1 Determination of Sex with the Clavicle of unknown origin Dr.Manjula Thulasi.S, Dr. C.R Vrijakumari,
Dr..Kumar.K.V, Dr.M.V.Indira.

Other Activities
  • Faculty development activities like monthly journal club, clinical club and faculty evaluation by students.
  • Department development activities include preparation of charts for teaching microanatomy and neuroanatomy, genetics and preparation of dissection specimens for the museum and for conducting practical examinations.
  • The entire faculty collectively participated in the preparations of a set of skeletal muscles flash cards-the first of its kind in India .

Sl. No Topic Author Journal Remarks
1 Analysis of femoral neck anteversion in dry adult bones: A morphometric study Manikanda Reddy V,Rajesh S National Journal of clinical Anatomy eISSN 6636-40, pISSN:2321-4287 Volume 7 Issue 6 June 2019
2 A study on pulmonary venous ostia pattern in the left atrium and its clinical applications Rajesh S, Vijaya Kumar S, Manikanda Reddy V National Journal of clinical Anatomy pISSN:2321-4287 Volume 7 Issue 4 April 2018
3 A study of greater palatine foramen and its importance in the application of maxillary nerve block in South Indian population Aravinth Mahesh, Rajesh S International Journal of Anatomy and Research pISSN:2321-4287 Volume 9 Issue 1 January 2021
4 An unique asymmetrical bilateral variation of renal artery: Right sided early division and left sided accessory additional arteries More Anju B, Hebbal G V, Rajesh S, Kunjumon International Journal of Anatomy and Research pISSN:2321-4287 Volume 2 Issue 9 September 2014
5 Description of the pattern of nutrient foramina of lower limb bones and its clinical relevance Dr.Manjula Thulasi.S, Dr. C.R Vrijakumari Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences e-ISSN:2279-0853, p-ISSN :2279-0861, Volume 16 Issue 7 July 2017 pp 54-58
6 Morphological and Histological Variations of Human Placenta in Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy Dr. MK Siva Sree Ranga, Dr.Adaline Thangam, Dr. M.V.Indira, Dr. MC Vasantha Mallika International Journal of Anatomy and Research March 2017, Volume 5(1):3591-98. ISSN 2321-4287
7 Clavicle , A tool for sex determination – A study in south India Dr.Manjula Thulasi.S, Dr. C.R Vrijakumari, Dr..Kumar.K.V, Dr.M.V.Indira. Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences e-ISSN:2279-0853, p-ISSN :2279-0861, Volume 16 Issue 2 February 2017 pp 54-58
8 Morphological variations of Human Placentae in Preterm Labor, Pregnancy-induced Hypertension, and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Dr.M.K Siva Sree Ranga, Dr.K.V.Kumar, Dr.AdalineThangam, Dr.MC VasanthaMallika International Journal of Scientific Study February 2017 Volume 4 Issue 11, ISSN:2321-6379
9 Prevalence of Ocular morbidity among school children of Perumkadavila, Thiruvananthapuram District M. C. Vasantha Mallika, Siva Sree Ranga M. K Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences 2016; Vol. 5, Issue 6, January 21; Page: 320- 324, DOI: 10. 14260/jemds/2016/325.
10 Prevalence of Prehypertension among Adults Attending rural Community Health Centre, South Kerala, India M. C. Vasantha Mallika, Siva Sree Ranga M. K Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences 2015; Vol. 4, Issue 14, February 16; Page: 2221-2226, DOI: 10.14260/jemds/2015/325.
11 A Survey on Immunization Coverage among children of rural South Kerala M. C. Vasantha Mallika, Siva Sree Ranga M. K Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences 2014; Vol. 3, Issue 34, August 11; Page: 9113-9123, DOI: 10. 14260/jemds/2014/3176
12 Chromosome features of children with Fragile X syndrome Dr. Manjula Thulasi.S Indian Journal of Research and Reports in Medical Sciences Vol.3 iss-1 Jan 2013
13 Cytogenetic studies in children with Learning Disability Dr. Manjula Thulasi.S Indian Journal of Medical Education and Ethics Vol.3 iss-1 Mar-2013
14 Pedigree of Fragile X Syndrome an option for reproductive Planning Dr. Manjula Thulasi.S Journal of Clinical and Biomedical Research Vol.3 iss-3 jul-sep 2013

On-going projects in the Department during the year 2016-17:
  • Clavicle – a tool for sex determination by Dr. Manjula Thuasi PhD, Dr. Vrija Kumarai MS, Dr. Kumar MS, Dr. Indira  MS. 
  • Photographic method in Dermatoglyphics Analysis by Stelin Wesely M.Sc
  • Dermatoglyphics study of Fingertip pattern in Mental Retardation by Stelin.Wesely M.Sc
  • Morphological and Histological variations of human placenta in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy – Dr. Siva Sree Ranga MD
  • Morphological variations of human placenta in Preterm labor, Pregnancy  induced hypertensive and  gestational Diabetes Mellitus by Dr. Siva Sree Ranga MD

(a) Furniture and Fixtures: Office tables small and big, office chairs, museum almirahs study tables, staff room and library almirahs, store racks, lockers with coat hangers and drawers as reqired. Laboratory benches with cup-boards and rack for reagent bottles and laboratory glasswares as required, water and gas and electric points operation tables etc., as necessary
Name of the Article Available
Table with marble or stainless steel tops 6’1″x2′x3′ 15
Table with marble or stainless steel Half standard size 5
Drill Machine 2
Hand Saw 4
Band Saw for sectioning body and limbs 1
Stools, preferably metal 60
Brain Knife 4
Mortuary cooler with arrangement to keep at least 8 bodies or suitable alternative arrangement 10
Storage tank to hold 10 cadavers, made of concrete with copper lid 2
Plastic tanks for storing soft and dissected parts 12
Trolley table(steel, ligth) 4
Projectors including overhead projectors 1
X-ray viewing lobby 7
Charts, Diagrams, Models, Slides etc. Available
Dissecting instruments Available
Meat cutting machine for thin body sections (trans and vertical) for gross anatomy sectional study 1
LCD Projector 1
Air Cooler 6
Digital Nervier Caliper 1
Microscopes, Monocular 60
Dissecting microscope 5
Microtomes, rotary 1
Microtomes, Sledge, large cutting 1
Cabinet fo slides(1000) 6
Incubators 1
Paraffin embedding bath 1
Hot plates for flatterning sections 2
Hot air cover for drying slides(45c) 2
Balance Analytical capacity 200gms and Sensitivity 1/10 gram 1
Balance Earanger capacity 6 kilos sensitivity, 1/5 gram 2
Refrigerators 2
Distilled water still-menesty tye capacity gallon per hour 3
Diamond pencil 3
7 colours marking pencils 5
Tissue flotation bath 3
Skeletons articulated 6
Bones(Dis-articulated) sets 25
Specimen jars
Racks steel
Embalming machines for cadavers 2
Computer for keeping student records, marks, stores etc. 1

Teaching Staff of Department of Anatomy
1 Dr. C.R Vrija Kumari Professor and HOD
2 Dr. Manjula Thulasi.S Professor
3 Dr. Kumar K.V Associate Professor
4 Dr. Anantha Padmanabhan Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Nimmy P. Raj Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Shinto G B Tutor
7 Dr. Jincy J S Ben Tutor
8 Dr. S. G. Aswin Rojer Tutor
9 Dr. Abil D M Tutor
10 Dr. Akash G R Tutor
11 Dr. Lora .S Tutor
12 Dr. Sherin R. S Tutor

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Dr. C.R Vrija Kumari

Professor and HOD (MS)

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