General Surgery

Department of Surgery DR SMCSI Medical College is one of the largest Multispecialty Surgical centers in the area catering the needs of people of all strata. Started in the year 2002 with Prof. (Dr) Kesavan Nair as the head of the department, the department flourished under the guidance of Prof (Dr) B K Easwarapilla( 2004-2010) and Prof (Dr) K.Raveendran (2010 – present)as HOD.The department grew from performing basic open general surgery procedures to advanced laparoscopic surgeries, in well equipped operation theaters run by four surgical units with more than 25 full time faculty.

Our department provides excellent patient centered care, engage in cutting edge research and mentor the next generation surgeons. Our faculty has published numerous articles in various journals showing the commitment to being innovative and leaders in their field. Our aim is to train young surgeons to high levels of competency in clinical and academic surgery and guide them in becoming professional leaders in their field.


MBBS- 100(2002 to 2015) 150 (2016) Morning – (Seminar, Clinics, Theory) (Seminar, Tutorials, Integrated Teaching, Guest Lecture, Research)

PG- 2 seats stared from 2012 (2 Batch Passed) (Clinics, Ward rounds, Specialty posting, Paper presentation, Research)

Specialty Clinics

  • Vascular Clinic- Tuesday
  • Breast Clinics- Wednesday
  • Thyroid Clinic- Thursday
  • Diabetic Clinic- Friday

Super Specialty

  • Paediatric Surgery- Dr. Reju Joseph Thomas MBBS, MS (Gen. Surgery), DNB (Gen. Surgery), MCh, DNB (Paediatric Surgery), MMAS, MBA, AHMP, FICRS
  • Urology- Dr. Chlellakannan MS, MCh (Uro)
    Dr. Naveen K MS, MCh (Uro)
  • Neurosurgery - Dr. Irwin P T MBBS, MCh (Neurosurgery)
  • Vascular Surgery - Dr. Punitha Thetrarauv Oli.M MBBS, MS (Fellow in Vascular Surgery)

  • Open procedures
  • Basic and laparoscopic procedures
  • Endoscopy procedures
  • MRD for References
  • Department Library 24 hours
  • Department Research Lab

(i) O.P.D
Blood Pressure Apparatus, Stethoscope, diagnostic kit, Weighing machine, Skinfold caliper, Height scale 6
X-ray viewingbox4 in 1 6
Proctoscope & Gabriel Syringe 6
Sigmoidoscope (Rigid) 2
Flexible Endoscope, Upper Gi, Colonoscope(one set in Main O.T) 2
Diagnostic Cystoscope 1
Uroflowmetry 1
(ii) MINOR OT 1
Operation Theatre Table 2
Operation Theatre Ceiling light 2
Pedestal lights 2
Electro-surgical unit 1
Suction 4
Pulse Oxymeter ( one for Endoscopy Room) 4
Anaesthesia Equipment
Resuscitation Kit 1
Assorted surgical instruments for minor operation sets 12
Autoclave 1
B.P.Apparatus, Stethoscope, diagnostic kit(4 sets in each ward)
Weighing Machine, height scale, skinfold caliper(2 each in each ward) 8
Proctoscope(2 in each ward) Monitors for pulse rate, heart rate, E.C.G. Invasive and non-invasive pressure ( 2 in each ward) 8
Monitors for pulse rate, heart rate, ECG, Invasive and non invasive pressure 8
Incubators/ Transport incubators 4
Neonatal Bassinet 4
Ultrasound 4
Arterial blood analyser 1
Oesophageal/ gastric pH & Pressure 1
Operating Tables 11
Operating Ceiling light Pedestal side light (for emergency use) 11
Pedestal side lights 2
Electrosurgical unit 10
General Sets(8 for each operation theatre) 70
Burr hole set 2
Vascular set (1 in each O.T) 8
Anaesthesia Equipment as per requirement of Anaesthesia department Available
Diagnostic and operative laparascope 1
Cystiscope and Resectoscope 1
Bronchoscope 1
Flexible G.I. Endoscope 1
Laser (may be shared with other departments) 1
C-arm image intensifer 1
Operating microscope – binocular with video monitor 2
Stapling device Assorted 2sets
Endo – stapler 1set
Close circuit T.V 2
Laprpmentoscopy equi 1
Litho tripter 1
Suction apparatus 6
Endo urology set 1
Lithoclast 1
Photocopier 1
Computer with laser printer 1
Electronic Typewriters
Overhead projector 4
Video Cassettee Recorder/ Video Cassette Player 2
Computer 2

On-Going Researches

Sl. No Topic Author Guide
1 Complications of Sclerotherapy on varicose ulcer treatment Dr Punitha Thetaravu Oli


Sl. No Topic Author Guide
1 Effect of Laparoscopic Surgery on Liver Enzymes Dr Utkarsh Mittal Dr Eswara Pillai
2 Effects of Sclerotherapy on varicose ulcer & other dermatological complications Dr Prasanth LR Dr Raveendran
3 Proportion of cervical tuberculous lymphadenitis and the factors associated with it Dr Bonny A Joseph Dr Eswara Pillai
4 Prevalence of Malignancy in Goitre Dr. T Nazareth Solomon Dr Raveendran
5 Mucinouscystadenoma of appendix rare case presentation Dr Karpagavel Chandra Bose
6 Case study of post of complication following trendlenvergs surgery with venous stripping and ambulatory thlebettomy Dr Karpagavel Chandra Bose
7 Study on effectiveness of the combination therapy of Statin and Aspirin in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease Dr Anish Immanuel Dr Punitha Thetaravu Oli
8 Comparative study on the diagnostic accuracy of the Ripasa score over Alvarado score in the diagnosis of acute Appendicitis Dr Sinnet P.R Dr K Raveendran
9 Clinical evalution of peripheral nerve vascular insufficiency among diabetic foot patients and follow up with Cilostazal and neuroptropic vitamins Dr Abhilash Balsalam Dr Raveendran

Poster Presentation

Sl. No Topic Author Remarks
1 A rare case of dual ectopic Thyroid Dr Anish Immanuel Mid Asicon 2016-Nagercoil
2 Foam Scleotherapy in recurrent Varicose Ulcer Dr Bonny A Joseph Mid Asicon 2016-Nagercoil
3 Marjoins Ulcer Dr T Nazareth Solomon Mid Asicon 2016-Nagercoil
4 Superior Lumbar triangle Hernia Dr Sinnet PR ASI state Conference – Adoor


Sl. No Topic Journal Authors Remarks
1 A Prospective study of evaluation and Management of Acute Scrotal swelling in Rural South India International Journal of Academic Medicine and Pharmacy Prem Kumar Battina, Punitha Thetraravu Oli. M, M Ravindra Reddy, Abraham Mathew ISSN (O): 2687-5365; ISSN (P): 2753-6556 2022; 4 (4); 400-405
2 A PROSPECTIVE STUDY OF CORRELATION OF ULTRASONOGRAM (USG), FINE NEEDLE ASPIRATION CYTOLOGY (FNAC) WITH POSTOPERATIVE HISTOPATHOLOGY IN DIAGNOSIS OF THYROID LESIONS IN RURAL SOUTH INDIA International Journal of Academic Medicine and Pharmacy Prem Kumar Battina, Angelin Raju, Anish Jomy, M Ravindra Reddy ISSN (O): 2687-5365; ISSN (P): 2753-6556 2022; 4 (4); 43-46
3 Complications, Indication and tolerance of foam sclerotherapy in varicose vein management done in a tertiary care centre in South India International health care research Journal Dr Punitha Thetraravu Oli, Mahitha M C October 2021 Volume 4 Issue 10 eISSN 2456-8090
4 Role of tamsulosin in the medical expulsive therapy of urinary calculi in children IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Science Muthurathinam K,S Carbin Joseph, C Danny Darlington August 2017 Volume 16 Issue 8 eISSN 2279-0853, pISSN: 2279-0861
5 A retrospective and prospective study of double malignancies in a tertiary care hospital in South India - a ten years experience International Surgery Journal S Carbin Joseph, C Danny Darlington, G Fatima Shirly Anitha March 2016 Volume 16 Issue 4 eISSN 2349-2902, pISSN: 2349-3305
6 A comparitive study of open versus laproscopic appendicectomy in tertiary care hospital in South India International Journal of Science and Research S Carbin Joseph, C Danny Darlington April 2017 Volume 16 Issue 4 eISSN 2279-0853, pISSN: 2279-0861
7 Transrectal Ultrasound Guided Biopsy of prostate in patients with raised serum prostate specific antigen - A histopathological study International Journal of Science and Research Raju, Carbin Joseph March 2018 Volume 7 Issue 3 eISSN 2319-7064
8 Is serum phosphorous level an early indicator of post operative hypocalcemia after total thyroidectomy. A Prospective analysis International Surgery Journal Antony P Thachil, Carbin Joseph, Sandeep Kumar S. David October 2021 Volume 8 Issue 10 pISSN 2349-3305, eISSN 2349-2902
9 Perioperative Cardiac outcome and its predictors in patients undergoing non cardiac surgery in a tertiary care hospital in South India - A prospective study International Journal of science and reaserch S Carbin Joseph, C Danny Darlington, G Fatima Shirly Anitha April 2016 Volume 5 Issue 4 eISSN 2319-7064
10 Primary anastomosis in difficult cases of type C esophageal atresia,the atraumatic microvascular clamp technique of minimal tension with good outcome Journal of Paediatric Surgery Pratheep Samraj, Goutam Chakraborty, Nidhi Sugandhi, Gunjan Shoor,Samir Kant Acharya, Amit Jadhav, Deepak Bagga December 20 Volume 56 Issue 7 pISSN 0022-3468
11 Comparison of the surgical and post operative outcomes between single incision laproscopic appendicectomy ( cross triangulation method) with normal conventional laproscopic appendicectomy International Surgery Journal Pratheep Samraj Rajendran Paulraj, Kiran Kailas Chirayil, Renuka Jeyakumar,Bellasindhi, Punitha Thetraravu Oli, Mohith Mathew, Anish Jomy July 2021 Volume 8 Issue 7 pISSN 2349 – 3305 eISSN 2349 - 2902
12 Comparative study on open appendicectomy versus laparoscopic appendicectomy in a tertiary care centre International Surgery Journal Naraintran S, Sandeep Kumar David S , Raveendran K , Easwara Pillai B.K April 2018 Volume 5 Issue 4 pISSN 2349 – 3305 eISSN 2349 - 2902
13 Accuracy of Wayne’s criteria in diagnosing hyperthyroidism: A prospective study in South Kerala, India International Surgery Journal Naraintran S, Sandeep Kumar David S , Raveendran K , Easwara Pillai B.K April 2018 Volume 5 Issue 4 pISSN 2349 – 3305 eISSN 2349 - 2902
14 Proportion of malignancy in cervical lymphadenopathy International Surgery Journal Sandeep Kumar David, Bonny A Joseph, Easwarapillai B.K RR Varma October 2017 Volume 4 Issue 10 pISSN 2349-3305 eISSN 2349-2902
15 Comparison of predictive validity of Alvarado score and lintula score in acute appendicitis in adults International Journal of Surgery and Orthopedics Karpagavel Chandrabose , Velayudhan Nair July-September 2017, Volume 3 Issue 3
16 Improvement in quality of life in patients with Fistual – In-Ano, following surgical management , a prospective observational study International Journal of Surgery and Orthopedics Karpagavel Chandrabose , Velayudhan Nair January – March 2017, volume 3, Issue 1
17 Modification of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy World Journal of Laproscopic Surgery John Suresh Kumar May- August 2016; 9(2):71-74
18 A study on clinical profile of peripheral arterial disease among people attending surgical OPD at tertiary care centre in South Kerala International Journal of Advanced Research and Development Dr Anish Immanual ISSN:2455-4030, Impact Factor: (RJIF 5.24) Vol-1; Issue4; April2016
19 Is Lekocyte count significant with recurrent appendicitis, A study from south kerala population Journal of Evidence based Medicine and Healthcare Dr Sinnet (eISSN -2349-2570/ Vol.3/Issue 21/Mar.14.2016)
20 A study to Assess the Proportion and Association of Appendicitis with positional variation in South Indian tertiary care centre Journal of Evidence based Medicine and Healthcare Dr Sandeep Kumar David (eISSN-2349-2570/Vol. 3 Issue 19/Mar.07.2016)
21 Spectrum of upper GI disease in rural Kerala – Upper GI endoscopy assisted clinical study International Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research Dr Peter Manohar Chellappa IJBAR[Internet] (2015) 5 (01) 32-35
22 Enucleation of a Giant Hemagioma of Liver: Old School Revisited Hindawi Publishing Corporation Dr Karpagavel Chandra Bose Volume 2015, Article ID 234767- https://dx.doig.org/10.115/2015/234767
23 Prevalence of hypothyroidism and its association with antithyroid peroxidase antibody among adult sea food consuming population attending a tertiary health care centre in kerala International Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research Dr Thomas Cyric IJBAR[, ISSN: 2229-3809 (online); 2455-0558 2015,6(9):649-655
24 Influence of stress and socio demographic factors on hypertension among Urban Adults in North Karnataka Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr Naraintran doj10.15272/ajbps.v4 (38);2014.23-26
25 Hypertension – Prevalence and Risk Factors among Urban population North Karnataka International Journal of Current Research and Review Dr Naraintran (IJCRR2014. Vol-06 (issue7)39-45)
26 Parasitic Infestation clinical mimicking malignancy Kerala Medical Journal Dr Peter Manohar Chellappa IMA KMJ page 312-13 Vol-3 Index 2013

Teaching Staff of Department of General Surgery
1 Dr. Punitha Thetraravu Oli. M Professor and HOD
2 Dr. Carbin Joseph Professor
3 Dr. Sandeep Kumar David. S Professor
4 Dr. Achsah Jesintha Dhas Associate Professor
5 Dr. Prem Kumar Battina Associate Professor
6 Dr. P. Anish Immanuel Associate Professor
7 Dr. Antony Thachil Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Vineeth Kumar R K Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Joael George Assistant Professor
10 Dr. Abhilash Balsalam Vasanthan Assistant Professor
11 Dr. Vignesh. R Assistant Professor
12 Dr. R. Chellakannan Assistant Professor
13 Dr. Jerusha. J Assistant Professor
14 Dr. U. Prashanth Assistant Professor
15 Dr. Gopinath S. K Senior Resident
16 Dr. R M Rinu Rajkumar Senior Resident
17 Dr. Erbin J. E Senior Resident
18 Dr. Amalson Thomas Senior Resident
19 Dr. Alisha P Senior Resident
20 Dr. Sminu Mary John Junior Resident
21 Dr. Anand S. S Junior Resident
22 Dr. Clement Shaji Nedumthottiyil Junior Resident
23 Dr. Aneesha Suresh Babu M C Junior Resident
24 Dr. Naina Nixon Junior Resident
25 Dr. Yadukrishnan R Junior Resident

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Dr. Punitha Thetraravu Oli. M

Professor and HOD (MS)

(LOP : 01.08.2010 - 31.07.2011 = 1 Year; Promoted as Professor on 15.11.2012)

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