Community Medicine

Established in the year 2002,Department of community medicine is actively involved in the academic, research and field activities. The department is well equipped with fully furnished staff rooms, demonstration rooms, and library cum seminar room, museum, research laboratory and store. The department library has 140 books and other equipments like projectors, microscopes, incubator, centrifuge, ILR, computers, laptops, laser printers etc.


To develop a group of medical graduates for being proactive in identifying and responding to public health challenges the society is facing.


To bring out a group of Medical Graduates who can practice the science of medicine with Social responsibility and social accountability and provide cost effective, value based Primary Health care.


To equip the students to function efficiently and effectively as first level physicians in the community in accordance with the committed vision and mission of community medicine.

Departmental Objectives

To train Medical Students with knowledge, attitude and skills required to become doctors with empathy and love, who can effectively function as healthcare providers, decision makers, communicators, community leaders and managers in rural and urban settings.



Department of Community Medicine is actively involved in the Academic, Research and Field activities.
Academic activities as per Kerala University of Health Sciences.

  • General Medical Camps in the field practice areas under the Department.
  • School Health Activities.
    Awareness classes for students and parents
    Medical camps
    Disability Screening.
  • Adolescent Health
    Awareness classes for students and parents
  • Community Based Screening programmes
    Breast cancer screening
    Oral cancer screening
    Cervical cancer screening
    Screening for Hypertension and Diabetes
  • Observance of days of Public health importance.
    a)World No Tobacco Day and Substance abuse
    b)World Breast Feeding Week observance
    c)International Nurses day
    d)World Heart Day Celebration
    e)World Diabetic Day
    f)World TB Day
    g)World AIDS Day
    h)World Disability Day
    f)World Health Day
  • Activities related to National Health Programmes

Facilities for teaching and Training

    Teaching and training are facilitated through well developed training programmes structured as per Kerala University of Health Sciences curriculum.

  • Teaching being done for MBBS, Post Graduate students, Bsc.Nursing and MHA students.
  • Academic activities include Lectures, Practicals, and Project works, Seminars and Symposiums, Community Orientation Programs.
  • Integrated teaching methods to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of learning.
  • Periodic evaluation of students is done by End posting examinations and sessional examinations.
Workshops and CMEs with Travancore Cochin Medical Council
    Credit points
  • CME on Tuberculosis in accordance with World TB Day 2018 on 11th April 2018. Resource persons were Dr. R Bimal Raj, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Dr SM CSI MCH, Dr. Ajin Sam, MO TB Centre, Dr. Sindhu M.P, DTO, Dr. Neena, Consultant, DTC. The theme for ‘World TB day 2018” is : Wanted: Leaders for TB free world. Make history . End TB.
  • CME on "EXPLORO-2018 : A Post Graduate Refresher Workshop" on 26th and 27th February 2018. Resourse persons were Dr. B G Parasuramalu, Profeesor, Dept. of Community Medicine, RajaRajewari Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore, Dr. Anuja U, Professor and Head, Dept. of Community Medicine, Govt. Medical College, Kollam and Dr. Rakesh P S, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi
  • CME on “Clinical Management of Coronary Artery Disease” on January 9th 2015. Guest lecture on Epidemiology of CAD, Management of acute coronary syndrome, Diet and CAD, Smoking cessation and physical activity by Dr.Indu P.S, Dr.SunithaViswanathan, Dr.Anitha Mohan, Dr.Sankar Ram and Dr.Sheena.G.Soman.
  • CME on TB – “CME on Unite to end TB way forward for health professionals” conducted by Department.of.Community medicine in March 2016 in coordination with the District TB Centre, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Workshops on Research Methodology for 2012 batch on 27th& 28th March 2015 and for 2013 batch on 15.12.2016
  • 17.05.2016: International Nurses day observed by the Department.
  • Data Management workshop 19th& 20th June 2015
  • ‘Workshop on thesis guidance is fun’ Guest speaker Dr.Prem Mony Asso.Prof & Epidemiologist, St,Johns Medical College and research institute Bangalore impart knowledge on “ How to keep track of key aspects of thesis, covering the requirements from the university side”
  • Panel Discussion for ORT Weeks held on 04.08.15 was organized by Dept.of Community Medicine & Dept. of Paediatrics
  • Protocol Writing Workshop for 3rd semester students organized by Dept.of. Community Medicine every year.
  • Teachers Training workshop on early identification of Disability conducted on 30.03.2016 at Christian college of Education, Marthandam.
  • Protocol Development workshop for first year PGs conducted by Dept.of. Community Medicine every year in coordination with the Central research lab.
  • Workshop on “Breast Feeding: A Key to Sustainable Development” was conducted at Gallery Hall, Dr.SMCSI Medical College on 4/8/2016 organized by Department of Community Medicine and CSI College of Nursing supported by comprehensive Rehabilitation project.
  • Recent activities
  • World Health Day 2017- Poster contest for medical and nursing students of our institution held on 07.4.2017 with theme “ Depression Let us talk.”
  • 30.3.2017 – Awareness class on Sexual and Reproductive Health at P K S Higher secondary school was conducted by Dr. Y Suba Joice.
  • World TB Day 2017 -Awareness class for ASHA workers on implementation of daily regime was conducted on 20.3.2017. The session was inaugurated by Dr. Sindhu MP, District TB Officer. Programme was sponsored by District TB Centre and CBM.
  • 19.03.2017 – Dr. M C. Vasantha Mallika, Associate Professor evaluated Oral presentation of scientific papers by Post graduates, chairing the session in India clen National Conference 2017, held at Thiruvananthapuram.
  • 09.03.2017- IDSP Orientation program for Medical college faculty held at NHM Hall, DHS Office, Thiruvananthapuram - Dr. M C. Vasantha Mallika, Nodal officer, IDSP represented Dr.SM CSI Medical college.
  • 07.3.2017 – Medical camp organized in connection with NGO – Bridge of Hope at Karungal, Kanyakumari district.
  • 08.3.2017 - Breast cancer screening camp by the Department faculty and post graduates organized in Kattakada in association with Women’s forum. Awareness session was conducted by Dr.SoumyaGopakumar.
  • 03.03.2017 – Dr. M C. Vasanthamallika and Dr.Suba Joice, trained faculty members from Regional centre MCI Nodal centre, Kottayam functioned as resource persons in the Revised Basic Course in Medical Education Technology held by the Medical Education Unit.
  • 27.01.2017 - Health Awareness programme for Mothers of adolescent children (“Amma Ariyan”) at P K S Higher secondary school, Kanjiramkulam conducted by Dr. M C. Vasanthamallika, Associate Professor, Community Medicine.
  • 26.01.2017 - School health talk was conducted in P K S Higher secondary school, Kanjiramkulam by Dept of community medicine for adolescent boys and girls Dr. Blessed Singh took class for boys and Dr. Suba & Dr.SoumyaGopakumar took class for girls.
  • Upcoming events
  • Research Methodology Workshop for undergraduate medical students is planned on last week of April 2017

Comparator, Nessler 1
Barometer, Fotin 1
Extraction Apparatus, fat, complete Filter,
Pasteur chamberland, complete set
Filter, Berke feld 1
Hydrometres, spirit 1
Hydrometres, milk 3
Hydrometres, wet and dry BULB incubator, electric 3
Museum jars 1
Models, charts, diagram etc. 30
Balance analytical 200 gm available
Balance for weighing food stuff available
capacity 2Kg 1
Centrifuge clinical 1
Weighing machine adult 4
Salters Baby weighing machine 4
Herpenders Callipers (for skin fold thickeness nil
Height measuring stand 1
Aqua guard 1
Refrigerator 9 cu.ft 1
Ice Lined Refrigerator (I.L.R) 1
Dissecting microscope 30
Microscope oil-immersion 2
T.V., V.C.R 1 each
Still for distilled water 1
Autoclave 1
Sterilizers, electric 2
Computer 1
Over Head Projector 2
Baby Weighing machine 1
Nestler comaretor 1
Maximum and minimun thermometer 1
Kata thermometer 1
Barometer, Fotin 1
The rural and health centres for training of undergraduate student
shall be suitably equipped alongwith adequate transport


The quality programmes enable the students to excel in their examinations.More than 90 percent pass rate in University examinations in this subject.Faculty of the department have delivered several guest lectures and functioned as a resource persons in CME programmes and conferences.Faculties are trained through Teachers Training programmes, Faculty Development workshops, and Curriculum Reform workshops.Faculty and students have made paper presentations in National and Regional conferences Have made Research publications in national and international journals.Actively participated in National, Regional, State level conferences.


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Infrastructure with all modern facilities

    The department is well equipped with fully furnished staff rooms, demonstration rooms, practical laboratory and library cum seminar room, museum, research laboratory and store.

  • The department library is equipped with books updated with latest editions covering all aspects of Public Health and allied subjects. Online journals (national and international) are also available which facilitates post graduate learning.
  • Equipments, well furnished demonstration rooms, Audiovisual Teaching Aids, and research facilities are available as per MCI norms.
  • Peripheral Health Centre.Rural and Urban Health Centres:
    I II III
    Names of the peripheral health centres. Rural Health Training Centre, Nellikkakuzhy owned by the Institution. Govt CHC Vellarada. Govt PHC, Kunnathukal. Urban Health Training Centre, Kazhakuttom.
    Location of the centres Neyattinkara Taluk Neyattinkara Taluk Neyattinkara Taluk Trivandrum Corporation.
Research Activities
  • Short Term Studentship programme - ICMR
    Indian Council of Medical Research – Short Term Studentship programme for undergraduate medical students are being guided by the faculty in the department.
  • Undergraduate research projects.
    Undergraduate students are encouraged to do projects and present papers in the National Students’ conferences. Most of the students won best paper awards during all academic years.
  • Post graduate research projects
    Thesis work and other research works
  • Papers presented in National Conferences.
    Oral paper presentations were made in the National Conference, IAPSM 2017, held at Gandhinagar, Gujarat Medical Education and Research Society, Gujarat by Dr. M.C. VasanthaMallika (Associate Professor), and by Post Graduate student, Dr.KrishnaBabu. S
    Poster presentation by Post Graduate student Dr. Praseeda.B.K
    11 (2015) and 6 ( 2016) Medical students made oral paper presentations guided by the Department in the KUHS National Conference on Students’ Medical Research held at Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram.
Future Goals
  • To pursue collaborative research of national and international reputation
  • To participate and contribute to National Health Programmes
  • An in-house periodic  journal with the latest events in the field.
Teaching Staff of Department of Community Medicine
1 Dr. S. Blessed Singh Professor and HOD
2 Dr. Sara Varghese Professor
3 Dr. Y. Suba Joice Professor
4 Dr. Nalam Middleton. A Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Deena D S Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Anaswara Karthika . P Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Mia George Kallumkal Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Vannya M. S Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Nishima P. R Assistant Professor
10 Dr. Anupama Nair Senior Resident
11 Dr. Ananya S. W Senior Resident
12 Dr. Ajas S N Senior Resident
13 Ms. Athira A. S Statistician-cum-Tutor
14 Dr. Anushka G. H Tutor
15 Dr. Amrutha Shan Tutor
16 Dr. Chithra. V Tutor
17 Dr. Sarojini. P. K LMO

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Professor and HOD (MD)

(Promoted as Professor on 5.2.2012)

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