CME’s , Conferences and Academic Activities


CME with credit hours 

1. In 2020

A. CME on Laboratory Medicine including Current Research and Innovations in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Pathology named "BIOMYPATH" on - 15th  January 2020  at Library Basement Hall

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Organising Committee

  • Dr. Apuca Susan Mathew was the Organising Chairperson
  • Dr. Kiran Gopal was the Organising Secretary
  • Mrs. Akshaya M. was the Treasurer
  • 1. In 2019

    A. Protocol Writing Workshop for first year PG's 2019 - 5th  to 6th  August 2019  at Library Basement Hall by Department of Community Medicine

    B. CME on TB updates and airborne infection control practices in health care facilities - 26th  April 2019  at Gallery Hall by Department of Community Medicine

    1. In 2018

    A. Protocol Writing Workshop for First Year PG's 2018 - 3rd  and 4th  August 2018  at Library Basement Hall by Department of Community Medicine

    B. PARISTHITHI 2018 - 11th  to 13th  June 2018  at Library Basement Hall by Department of Community Medicine

    Department of Community Medicine, Dr. SM CSI MCH organised a three day student conclave on Sustainable Health and environment in Health care settings in accordance with World Environment Day 2018. The theme for World Environment day 2018 was : Beat Plastic Pollution : If you can’t re-use it, refuse it”. The Chief Guest for the event was Dr. E James Reynold Daniel.TCMC had granted credit hours of 2.5 hours for the same. Photography Collage competition, Oral Presentation competition, United Nations Mock Assembly, School Health Camp, Environmental Awareness classes etc were conducted as part of the Conference.

    Organising Committee

    • Dr. Blessed Singh S was the Organising Chairperson
    • Dr. Soumya Gopakumar was the Organising Secretary
    • Dr. Naveen Sukumaran Nair and Dr Jincy J were the Organising Joint Secretary

    Resource Persons

    • Mr. E Robinson (Retd. Forest Officer)
    • Adv. Leni Kovoor (Environmental Activist)
    • Mr. Sujith S L (IMAGE State Co-ordinator)
    • Capt. Valsala Narayanan (Quality Manager, Dr. SM CSI MCH)

    C. CME on Tuberculosis- 11th  April 2018  at Library Basement Hall by Department of Community Medicine

    Department of Community Medicine, Dr. SM CSI MCH organised a one day Continuing Medical Education on Tuberculosis in accordance with World TB Day 2018 as a joint initiative of the Department of Community Medicine, Dr. SM CSI MCH; District TB centre, Thiruvananthapuram and IMA Karakonam branch.This CME was dedicated solely for the Interns and Consultants at our Institution with a view to orient them to current RNTCP guidelines on Diagnosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Strategy for Elimination of TB in Kerala. A poster Designing Competition for the Medical and Nursing Students of the Institution was also conducted. The theme for ‘World TB day 2018” is : Wanted: Leaders for TB free world. Make history . End TB. TCMC had granted credit hours of 2 hours for the same.

    Organising Committee

    • Dr. Blessed Singh S was the Organising Chairperson
    • Dr. Y Suba Joice was the Organising Secretary

    Resource Persons

    • Dr. R. Bimal Raj, Dept. of Respiratory Medicine, Dr SM CSI MCH
    • Dr. Ajin Sam, MO TB Centre
    • Dr. Sindhu M.P, DTO
    • Dr. Neena, Consultant, DTC

    D. EXPLORO 2018: A Post Graduate Refresher Workshop - 26thand 27th  February 2018  at Library Hall by Department of Community Medicine

    Dept of Community Medicine, Dr. SMCSIMCH is for the very first time in Kerala organising EXPLORO-2018 : A Post Graduate Refresher Workshop planned to be conducted on the 26th and 27th February 2018.Pioneering in Kerala, this workshop is dedicated solely for the Post Graduates in the Dept of Community Medicine in various colleges throughout the state with a view to orient them to the nuances of their Practical Examinations. TCMC has granted 3.5 credit hours for the same.

    Organising Committee

    • Dr. Blessed Singh S was the Organising Chairperson
    • Dr. Y Suba Joice was the Organising Secretary
    • Dr. Naveen S Nair was the Organising Joint Secretary

    Resource Persons

    • Dr. B G Parasuramalu, Profeesor, Department of Community Medicine, Raja Rajewari Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore
    • Dr. Anuja U, Professor and Head, Department of Community Medicine, Govt. Medical College, Kollam
    • Dr. Rakesh P S, Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi

    2. In 2016

    A. Paediatric Cardiology and Life Style Disease Prevention in Children- 15th November 2016 at Gallery Hall by Department of Paediatrics

    The programme was inaugurated by Dr P. Madhusoodanan, Principal and CMA. Dr Zulfikar Ahmed, Professor in Cardiology, Dr Riyas, Assistant Professor in Paediatrics, Dr Devakumar, Addl. Professor in Paediatrics , Dr Kristin Indumathi, Consultant in Paediatrics, Dr Gireesh G.K, Assistant Professor  in Cardiology, Dr Rajamohanan, HOD and Professor in Paediatrics  and Dr S Baburaj, Professor in Paediatrics  participated as faculty. There were presentations and discussions on childhood onset of atherogenic heart disease, metabolic programming, Dietary intervention in heart disease prevention, dyslipidemia and its control and physical activity as an intervention for coronary Artery Disease. These sessions were followed by discussions and interactive sessions in the afternoon. Totally, 96 doctors participated as full time delegates in the deliberations. The program was given accreditation for “two credit hours “by Travancore Cochin Medical Council (C2 15382/16MC/CME).

    B.  Child Nutrition Update – 13th April 2016, At Gallery Hall by Department of Pediatrics

    Dr. K.E Elizabeth, State President of IAP inaugurated the function.  92 delegates have registered for the event. The sessions started with talk on nutritional Anthropometry by Dr. Rajamohanan K. Following which there was a presentation on Breast-feeding by Dr. Baburaj. There was a panel discussion on Breast feeding Hospital initiatives and the panel consisted of Dr. Sulekha (Prof & HOD Sree Mookambika institute of health sciences), Dr. Ramla Beegam (Prof & HOD Community Medicine, Dr. S.M.C.S.I Medical College and Hospital), Dr. Mary Padmini Jasper (Prof & HOD Obstetrics and Gynecology), Dr. S.M.C.S.I Medical College and Hospital) and Mrs. Simi (Clinical Instructor of Nursing college, Dr. S.M.C.S.I Medical College and Hospital). Dr. K. E. Elizabeth gave a talk on Infant and Young Child nutrition. The next talk was on Growth charts by Dr. Riaz who had empathized the need for checking the anthropometry of all children during all visits. Dr. Vijayalekshmi, the principal of Indira Gandhi Government Medical College, Trivandrum, gave an interesting talk on Lifestyle Modifications for adolescents.  There was a quiz for the postgraduates on Nutrition.

    • Dr. Mohandas MK was the Organizing Chairman
    • Dr. Rajamohanan K was the Organizing Secretary

    C.  Overview on Pemphigus Vulgaris – 10th April 2016, At Gallery Hall by Department of Dermatology

    Inauguration was done by Dr. Glorine Gnanathangam, Rtd Principal of Dr. SM CSI Medical College.The first talk was by Dr. Maya Vincent on Pemphigus and its variants and chaired by Dr.M.Vijayadharan and Dr. K. Prasanna Moorthy. Dr. N.Asokan delivered the lecture on recent concepts in the pathogenesis of Pemphigus chaired by Dr. R. Sreekumar and Dr. M K Padma Prasad. Dr. G. Nandakumar spoke on the pathology of Pemphigus. The session was chaired by Dr. Elizabeth Chacko and Dr. N. Sunderesan. Dr. Abdul Samad K. took a session on Conventional treatment in Pemphigus. It was chaired by Dr. Sobhana Kumary. K and Dr. Rema Devi TJ. A lecture on Dexamethasone Cyclophosphamide Pulse Therapy was given by Dr. S. Pradeep Nair. It was chaired by Dr.  AJS Pravin and Dr. Sree Rekha Panicker. Dr. M S Sadeep spoke on recent treatment modalities in Pemphigus including Rituximab which was chaired by Dr. Anuja Elizabeth George and Dr. Rathish T Pillai. A short postgraduate’s quiz was conducted. The final talk was by Dr. Joan Felicita Samson on Pearls picked from our Pemphigus patients.

    • Dr. Mariam Philip was the Organizing Chairman
    • Dr. Susamma Ebenezer was the Organizing Secretary
    • Dr. Joan Felicita Samson was the  Joint Organizing Secretary
    D.Unite to End TB – Way Forward for Health Professionals – 22nd March 2016, At Library Basement Hall by Department of Community Medicine

    Inauguration was done by Dr Sindhu, District TB Officer. 124 participants were registered for the programme. Certificates with TCMC credit hours was distributed to all participants

    • Dr M Ramla Beegam was the Organizing Chairman
    • Dr Blessed Singh S was the Organizing Secretary
    • Dr Y. Suba Joice was the Joint Organizing Secretary

    3. In 2015

    The Dept of ENT conducted a one day CME Programme – Phonosurgery 2015

    The Dept. of Ophthalmology and Paediatrics conducted a one day CME programme – Paediatrics Ophthal Update

    The Dept. of Community Medicine conducted a one day CME Programme

    4. In 2014

    The Dept. of Paediatrics conducted two one day CME Programme – World Breast feeding Week & ORS Fortnight and Infection Prevention Safety in NICU

    5. In 2012

    The orthopaedics department conducted a two day CME programme Dictum

    a) A workshop on “Concepts of Realignment Osteotomies for Osteoarthritis Knee” was conducted on 23rd June at Dr. SM CSI Medical College. Dr.Mangal Parihar (Mumbai) and Dr. P. N. Vasudevan (Palakkad) were the instructors. There were Lectures, Saw bone workshops and live surgeries.70 delegates from inside and outside Kerala attended the program.

    b) A seminar on Perthe’s Disease was conducted on 24th June at Hotel SP Grand Days Trivandrum. The Program was Inaugurated by Prof. T. S. Gopakumar, Hon.President of Kerala Orthopaedics Association. The faculty were Prof. Benjamin Joseph, Dr. Hitesh Shah and Dr. Siddesh. N. D from Manipal. The Program was attended by 102 delegates from various parts of South India.

    6. In 2010

    The Orthopaedics department conducted a 2 days CME programme DICTUM which included

    a) A one day workshop – DICTUM 2010 on Coronal Plane deformity corrections in lower limb, on 7th August 2010 . 60 doctors from various states attended.

    b) A CME was conducted on 8th August 2010 on Pediatric Lower limb deformities which was attended by 120 doctors from various States of South India.

    The Ophthalmology Department

    a)One Seminar viz. Kaleidocope in September 2010 Under aegis of KSOS and TOC,

    b)The department conducted a CME :”Kaleidoscope” on 5th September 2010 from 9.30 a.m to 3.30 p.m. Many speakers enlightened the participants with topics that proved to be very useful clinically and theoretically.The topics were current modalities in a Management of Congenital Glaucoma and Recent advances in Glaucoma evaluation, How to approach a difficult patient in any setup, Guidelines on spectacle prescription, Nystagmus, Current concepts in Oculoplasty

     CME without credit hours








    Epidemiology & management of Monkey pox

    Risk Communication and preventive measures

    Community Medicine

    Dr Shiburaj P S, Asso Professor, Dept.of General Medicine

    Dr Shoba Kurian, Professor, Dept.of Microbiology

    Dr S Blessed Singh, Professor & HOD, Dept of Community Medicine

    Dr Chithra V, 1st year PG, Dept of Community Medicine

    Dr Ananya S W

    Final year PG, Dept of Community Medicine





    Dr Susheela B Nair

    Honorary Senior Consultant KIMS Hospital, TVPM

    Dr Manoj S

    Senior Consultant Vitreoretinal Surgeon, Chaithanya Eye Hospital, TVPM

    Dr Anitha Prabhakaran

    Senior Consultant in Paediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus Precise Speciality Eye care


    Epilepsy Symposium Rising awareness making difference


    Dr Aswini Kumar, Professor & HOD, Dept.of General Medicine

    Dr Leena Jeyakar, Consultant, Dept of Neurology

    Dr Irwin P T, Consultant, Neuro Surgery

    Dr Shibu Raj P S, Asso. Professor, Dept. of General Medicine

    Dr Sabu Augustine, Asso. Professor, Dept. of General Medicine



    Polio Eradication & AFP surveillance

    Community Medicine & Paediatrics

    Dr  Prathapa Chandran C, SMO-NPSP,WHO

    Dr Nishima, Final year PG, Dept. of Community Medicine

    MR Elimination and Fever rash surveillance

    Dr Sony S Paul ,Final year PG, Dept of Paediatrics

    DPT surveillance

    Dr Anju Mirin ,Alex Final year PG, Dept of Paediatrics


    Can we really prevent a suicide


    Dr  Anil Prabhakaran

    Dr Anil Prabhakaran




    Dr Leena R V, Professor, Cardiothorasic, Radiologist, CMC, Vellore

    Dr Laly Alex, Professor & HOD, Dr SMCSI,             Dr Nita Hubert, Professor, Dr SMCSI Dr Abin V L, Senior Resident,      Dr SMCSI  Dr Saikumar S G



    Dept of General Medicine

    Dr Sabu Augustine

    Dr Aswini Kumar,  Dr Shiburaj P S



    Dept of Paediatrics



    Welcome & introduction

    Dr Sundersingh, Asso. Professor, Dept. Of Paediatrics, Dr SMCSI, MCH

    Health talk-Care of normal newborn babies

    Dr Merin, 2nd year PG Student

    Health talk - Breast feeding

    Dr Axina Ali, 1st year PG Student


    Dr Sundersingh, Asso Professor, Dept. Of Paediatrics Dr SMCSI, MCH, Karakonam



    Dept of Psychiatry

    Dr Christina George, Professor & HOD, Dept of Psychiatry

    Dr Manoj Kumar, Consultant Psychiatrist & Director Mental Health Act Trust, Kozhikode


    Dr SreejithCheruvilakom, Senior Resident, Dept of Psychiatry



    Dept of Pediatrics and Neonatology

    Dr.BennetSylem, President (IAP Trivandrum)



    Dr S. BabuRaj ( Prof and HOD, Dept of Peadeatrics, SMCSI MC)


    Dr.Devika  ( Postgraduate Resident)


    Dr.Bobby, Dr.Tinu, Dr.Lini, Dr.Merin, Dr.Anju         ( Postgraduate residents)


    Dr  Sundar Singh, Asso Professor, Dept of Peadeatrics, SMCSI MC


    Dr.BennetSylem (President, IAP, Trivandrum) 



    Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology

    Dr.PMC Nair, President (NNF Trivandrum)


         Pedeatric emergencies

    Dr S. BabuRaj ( Prof and HOD, Dept of Peadeatrics, SMCSI MC)

         Neonatal Resuscitation

    Dr  Sundar Singh, Asso Professor, Dept of Peadeatrics, SMCSI MC

         Neonatal transport

     Dr Sateesh Kumar, Consultant neonatologist, Lakeshore Hospital

         Preterm Nutrition

    Dr NousheedAni, Consultant neonatologist, GG Hospital.


     CME on Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in Research

    Department of Pharmacology and Human Ethics Committee

    Dr Pradeep S.(Professor and HOD, Department of Pharmacology)

    Dr Rajmohan(Professor in Charge), School of Health Policy and Planning Studies, KUHS


      H1N1 influenza


    Dr KiranGopal(Assistant Professor)

    Dr Sanoj A.V.(Junior Consultant), Government Thaluq Hospital, Malayinkeezhu


      Common Vascular Diseases and Management

    Cardiovascular Surgery

    Dr Tennyson (Professor and HOD)

    Dr M Unnikrishnan(Senior Consultant and HOD), SUT Hospital, TVM


      Think before you leap (to a clinical diagnosis)


    Dr S Babu Raj (Professor and HOD)

    Dr Jothis John Johnson (PG Student)




    Dr Mariam Philip (Professor and HOD)

    Richa Elsa Shibu (House Surgeon)

    AmithaVijayan (House Surgeon)


    1. Emerging Clinical Biochemistry Markers in Cardiology


    Dr S Gopinathan Nair (Professor and HOD)

    Dr Jose Jacob 

    2. Conventional Markers in Cardiology

    Dr Sreekumari S 

    3. Clinical Application of Cardiac Biomarkers

    Dr DeepuRajendran        (Consultant Cardiologist)



    23- 02-2018 and 24-2-2018

    CME in Leprosy


    Dr Mariam Philip (Professor and HOD)

    Dr SujaiSuneetha

    Dr Balasubrammanian

    Dr Mary Jacob 

    Dr PushpaEapen 

    Dr LaxmishaChandrashekar

    Dr Renu George 


    Ms Sheeba 

    Mr Lazarus

    Dr JayaprakashMuliyil

    Dr SantoshRathod 

    Dr P NarasimhaRoa

    Dr Lakshmi Rajan 

    Ms Madhusmita Das

    Dr Shirley Chacko

    Dr Samuel Raj Pallapti

    Dr Maya Thomas


    Role of MRI in characterizing Sonographically Complex Adnexal Masses 


     Dr  Laly Jose (Professor and HOD)

     Dr   Kevin Saji Thomas (PG Student)


    1. Antibiotic Stewardship


     Dr.  Rema Devi S (Professor)

    Dr Kavita Raja(Professor and HOD)

    2. Panel Discussion on "MDR.... a never ending dilemma"

    Dr.Bimal Raj R(Pulmonologist and Intensivist)

    3. Breaking the chain of infection in ICU's

    Dr KiranGopal(Assistant Professor)

    4. Biomedical waste management

    Capt. Valsala Narayanan(Quality Manager)

    5. Demonstartion /Hands on training : Ventilator Care, CVC care, Urinary Catheter Care, Biomedical waste management , CSSD, Hand Hygeine 



    Dr Bewin Oral J(Assistant Professor)


    Mrs.Deepa P.S (Tutor)


    Mrs Ajila Raj


    Dr NeethuKishor(Tutor)


    Mrs Suguna


    Mr.Jobin SR(Assistant Professor)


    Sr. Beena Rose


    Mrs RemaniBai


    Ms Reba




      Dr Felicia Prema R (Professor and HOD)

     Dr  Pradeep S  (Professor and HOD)


    1. Adult Dengue difficulties and Controversies in management

     General Medicine  Microbiology and    Paediatrics 

     Dr. R. Mohanchand (Professor)

     Dr S. Gopakumar (Professor and HOD)

    2. Interpretation of Serology for diagnosis


    3. Paediatric Dengue : Problems and Challenges

    Dr.Rema Devi S (Professor and HOD)


    Dr Rajamohanan K (Professor and HOD)


    1. How to overcome barriers for successful Breast Feeding Maternal Aspects

    Paediatrics and OBG

     Dr.Rajamohanan K (Professor and HOD)

     Dr Sumi M Pillai (Assistant Profeesor)

    2. Effectively communicating with the mother for achieving Breast Feeding Policy



     Dr Aparna G (PG Student)




     Dr Goldy SJ (Assistant Professor)




     Ms. Dania Fertodo (MSc Nursing) 


    A case of Auto Immune Haemolytic Anaemia

     General Medicine

     Dr. R. Mohanchand (Professor)

     Dr S. Gopakumar (Professor and HOD)


    1. A rare case of Traumatic Pseudoaneurysm of the Superficial Temporal Artery

     General Surgery

     Dr K. Raveendran (Professor and HOD)

      Dr ReshmaGopakumar

    2. Cervical Metastasis from clear cell carcinoma – Kidney – A rare case

    (Post Graduate Student )




    Endoscopic Modified


    Dr Rejee Ebenezer

    Dr Jithin J

    Lathrop for Frontal

    (Professor and HOD)

    (Post Graduate Student)

    Sinus Disease




    Good Clinical Practice-  ICH-GCP and Schedule Y Training

    Pharmacology and Human Ethics Committee

    Dr Pradeep S

    Sri Subhash , Manager Training Department, SMO Connect Clinical Research Services Pvt. Ltd

    (Professor and HOD)


    Swachh Biology


    Dr B Jayalekshmi (Professor)

    Dr Sundaresan


    Current Management of Asthma

    Respiratory Medicine

    Dr R Mohanchand

    Dr Sreekala C

    Management of COPD

    ( Professor)

    Dr Davis Paul C

    Inhaler Devices in the management of Obstructive airway diseases

    Dr Rajamohanan (Professor)

    Dr(Col.) K E Rajan

    Recent changes in the management of Tuberculosis

    Dr Vipin PV

    Dr K AnithaKumari

    Current management of  pneumonias


    Dr Reshmi S Nair

    Basics of diagnosis and management of interstitial lung diseases


    Dr B Jayaprakash

    Obstructive sleep apnoea – why should sleep apnoea be treated


    Dr P Arjun

    Critical care managementfor respiratory diseases – Who When and HowIntroduction to interventional plumonology


    Dr P Vivek



    Dr K Madhu


    Hyponatremia – Correct approach to evaluation and management


    Dr R Mohanchand

    Dr G Ninoo George (Assistant Professor )

    ( Professor)


    Role of Microbiology in clinical practice


    Dr.Rema Devi(Prof. & HOD)


    (Assistant Professor)


    Head injury-Why panic?


    Dr. K Raveendran(Professor)

    Dr.Ebenezer J Dev

    (Prof. & HOD)


    CSF Rhinorrhoea-A case report


    Dr.Rejee Ebenezer(Prof. & HOD)

    Dr.Avinash(Post- Graduate student)


    Unexplained Fever-surprise diagnosis


    Dr.KRaveendran(Prof. & HOD)

    Dr.Aneesh(Post- Graduate student)


    Newer treatment for Hepatitis C


    Dr.Gopakumar(Prof. & HOD)

    Dr.Unnikrishnan(Assistant Professor)


    An unusual case of abdominal pain


    Dr. S K Mathew(Professor)

    Dr.Renjith James(Assistant Professor)


    Research Design

    Social and Preventive Medicine


    Dr.Pramod Thomas(Assistant Professor)


    Profile of febrilethrombocytopenia  amongrural patients


    Dr.Gopakumar(Prof. & HOD)Dr.Mohanchand(Professor)

    Dr.S K Mathew(Professor)


    Non AqueousHumor/Non VitreousHumor


    Dr. Felicia Prema R(Professor)



    Radiology Quiz


    Dr. Sara AmmuChako(Professor)

    Dr.Anitta Susan  Paul(Assistant Professor)



    Academic Activities


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