Mahanaim 2018




“After seeing angelic encampment, Jacob named the place Mahanaim, as he saw God’s Army as a divine assurance. God’s host (army) came to escort him safely to Canan “ Gen 32:2

Mahanaim is an annual retreat where students in health care – related come together to praise God and study the word of God.

It is also a wonderful occasion to respond God’s call for His mission.

It is a refreshing, challenging and life changing experience.

We, as Christians are in a battle field, who never gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please our commanding officer, Jesus Christ, fighting faithfully in the battle field against the power of this dark world and against the forces of evil in the heavenly realms, putting on the armour of God. (Eph 6: 10 -17)

This is the 6th chapter of Mahanaim. Let’s renew ourselves. Praise God and with great confidence we can sing “The God of angel armies is always by my side “.


'Know your call and & do His will'

When Indians answer the telephone, most of us simply say, “Hello”. Well the response is a bit different in other countries. Germans answer a ringing phone with their last names. Russians say, “I am listening”. The curious French say “Hello, who’s on the line?”.The Spanish give the command ”Speak!”. The Chinese proclaim, ”Hey , hey who are you?”

Dr Sheldon Goudinho

Just as there are different ways of answering phone calls, there are also different ways to answering a call from God. Moses answered God’s call by saying, “Who am I?”. Gideon answered “I am the least in my father’s house. ”Zechariah answered,” How shall I know this?”. Isaiah answered, “Here am I. Send me” How will you answer God’s call in your life? It’s a call that demands much from you.(God calls asking for nothing less than everything you have), but it is a call that offers the presence of God in your life as you fulfill your calling. Will you answer His call ? Will you be the man or woman of God that He has called you to be? Are you willing to accept the responsibility that God has laid on you? The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.

God has a great plan for you, and he is committed to making that plan become a reality. In order for him to do that, you must do your part. You must keep yourself yielded to him, so that he can continue to direct your life .

God is calling. How will you answer ???????

Components of Mahanaim


6th Students Annual Mission Conference of Dr. Somervell Memorial Medical College, Karakonam,Thiruvananthapuram



Date: Oct 26, 27, 28

Venue : Gallery Hall ( Dr SMCSI Medical College )


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