Established in the year 2002, department of pharmacology and therapeutics initiated its teaching activities in May 2004.

Our Mission:

  • To impart Knowledge, Skill, Attitude and Mould students of next generation
  • To enable them to prescribe drugs judiciously and effectively
  • To maintain competence in academics and research throughout their professional life.


Department is conducting innovative researches for better understanding of basic principles of pharmacology. Research in Pharmacovigilence and ADR monitoring is done by trained faculty. Clinical Pharmacology studies are actively being pursued by the faculty members. Future projects on herbal research and drug screening.


The quality programmes enable the students to excel in their examinations. More than 90 percent pass rate in University examinations in this subject HOD of the department has delivered several guest lectures and is a resource person in CME programmes and conferences. Faculties are trained through Teachers Training programmes, Faculty Development workshops, Curriculum Reform workshops. Made paper presentations in National and Regional conferences Research publications in national and international journals: HOD is the member secretary of Human Ethics Committee of this Institution and Chairman of Human Ethics Committee at Government Medical College, Trivandrum. HoD is also the Member – Board of studies KUHS and member board of studies (PG) of Kerala University and chairman board of studies (UG) of Kerala University and convener of Pharmacovigilance committee. HoD is also the faculty in charge of Central Library of this Institution.


CME on ‘Good Clinical Practice’ was conducted on 8th December 2016 Department has conducted workshop on research methodology and ethical issues on biomedical research. Organized a CME programme on coagulation, DIC and sepsis syndrome in association with Physiology department. A Pharmacovigilance committee has been organized with HOD as the convener of the committee. Actively participated in National, Regional, State level conferences.

Facilities for teaching and Training:
    Well developed training programmes structured as per National standards
  • Teaching being done for MBBS, Bsc.Nursing, Optometry and DOTT students
  • Academic activities include Lectures, Practicals, Project works, Tutorials, Seminars and Symposiums
  • PBL and CAL methods of teaching
  • Integrated teaching methods to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of understanding
  • Clinical Pharmacology training in Rational therapeutics, Essential drugs, clinical trials, Adverse drug reaction and Pharmacovigilence, prescription writing, Critical analysis of prescription, drug promotion literature and fixed drug combinations. Interpretation of Laboratory data, Pharmacokinetic charts, Pharmacodynamic charts, experimental pharmacology charts, Awareness of Ethics committees – model informed consent form etc. Students are trained in Pharmacovigilance programme of India with ADR reporting in standard form.
  • Periodic evaluation of students is done by monthly tests and sessional exams.
Good Infrastructure with all modern facilities:
  • museum depicting History of Pharmacology, Nobel Laureates, sources of drugs, Routes of administration of drugs, basic mechanism of drug action, and adverse effects, more than 500 drug specimens systematically arranged and detailed information about drugs.
  • Herbarium with valuable medicinal plants 
  • Departmental Library with more than hundred  indispensible books in pharmacology and allied subjects. Online journals (national and international) available at Central Library.
  • Well furnished demonstration room.
  • Audiovisual Teaching Aids- LCD projector, Overhead projector
  • Fully fledged laboratory with sophisticated equipments
  • Research and clinical pharmacology laboratory
  • Experimental pharmacology laboratory
  • Clinical Pharmacy laboratory
  • Software’s for Computer Aided Learning , Simulation, Experiments
  • Internet facilities, e-books and e- journals
  • State of the art equipments like Digital spectrophometer, Digital photoactometer, Filter photo colorimeter, centrifuges, Analgesiometer, pole climbing apparatus, incubator, tablet disintegration machine, Vortex mixer and many more . 
List of projects to be published by faculty:
  • A comparative study of self-medication among medical, paramedical in Dr. SMCSI Medical College and non-medical students in Scott Christian College.
  • Effect of silymarin against methyl-phenyl-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP) induced Parkinson’s disease in mice.
  • Effect of silymarin on diet induced hypercholestrolemic rats.
  • Pharmacoeconomic analysis of drugs used for Bronchial asthma in India.
Our Future Goals:
  • To pursue post graduate and doctoral programmes in the department
  • To pursue collaborative research of national and international reputation
  • To organize guest lectutres by eminent  personalities in newer developments on pharmacology
  • To participate and contribute to National Health Programmes
  • To set up a clinical pharmacology unit and TDM centre
  • To set up an Adverse drug reaction monitoring centre (PvPI)
  • To Set up a CAL lab for students
  • To set up a genetic lab for pursuing collaborative research
  • To set up a Quality control lab.
  • An in-house periodic  journal with the latest events in the field .
Paper Presentation

Sl. No Topic Authors Remarks
1 A Prospective study of prescribing pattern ofdrugs in post-operativepatients of GynecologyDepartment in South India Dr Prasanand Sasidharan Medical Managementand Use 2016 at Ramachandra University Chennai


Sl. No Topic Authors Journal Remarks
1 Prescribing pattern of drugs in patients with alcoholic liver disease in a tertiary care teaching hospital Prasanand S NationalJournal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology May 2017 Volume 7 (1) Issue 5 pISSN 2231-3206,2320-4672
2 A prospective study on evaluation of maternal and foetal outcomes of hypothyroidism with levothyroxine and prevalence of hypothyroidism in pregnancy in a tertiary care teaching hospital in Kerala Shajil A. Justin, Merin S. Johnson Internal Journal of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology March 2020 Volume 9 Issue 3 pISSN 2319-2003, eISSN 2279-0780
3 Prevalence and practice of self-medication among undergraduate medical students and non-medical students in South India J Sujit Ralin Daniel, Prasanand S Suba Joice, Priscilla Jeba Rani Internal Journal of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology March 2019 Volume 8 Issue 3
4 Efficacy and safety of pregabalin versus amitriptyline in patients with painful diabetic neuropathy Sujit R Daniel, Dinesh K Badyal, Jubbin J Jacob, Jasleen Kaur International Journal of Advances in Medicine May- June 2018 Volume 5 Issue 3
5 Effect of silybin in 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6 tetrahydropyridine (MPTP) induced parkinsonism in mice Shajil Anand Justin, Senthil Gobalakrishnan, Sylvia Santhakumari Asirvatham Internal Journal of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology October 2017 volume 6 Issue 10 ISSN:2319-2003(Print) ISSN: 2279-0780 (Online)
6 An observational prospective study on prescribing pattern of drugs among pregnant women admitted in antenatal ward of a tertiary care teaching hospital in coastal town of South India Prasanand Sasidharan, Bhanu Prakash Kolasani, Divyashanthi National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology July 2016 Volume 7 Issue 1
7 Opinion of stakeholders on existing curriculum for postgraduate (MD) course in Pharmacology : A survey Dinesh K Badyal, Sujit R Daniel Indian Journal of Pharmacology October 2016 Volume 48
8 Efficacy of Vitamin E supplementation in patients with alcoholic liver disease : An open labeled, prospective, randomized comparative study Bhanu Prakash Kolasani, Prasanand Sasidharan, Adithiya Kumar International Journal of Nutrition, Pharmacology, Neurological Diseases July-Sept 2016; 6:101-10
9 Prescription analysis of both H1 and H2 antihistamines among in-patients of dermatology department of a tertiary care teaching hospital in a coastal town of south India Bhanu Prakash Kolasani, C. M. Divyashanthi, Prasanand Sasidharan, Sri Venkateswaran Kothandapany National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology July 2016; 6 (6).
10 Prevalence, severity, causes and drugs used for depression, stress and anxiety among junior doctors in a tertiary care teaching hospital in south India Prasanand Sasidharan, Bhanu P. Kolasani, Divyashanthi C.M. International Journal of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology May-June 2016; 5:1118-24
11 Clinical Response of Levodopa, Carbidopa Combination in Patients with Idiopathic Parkinsonism Abhijith Lalesh Merajoth, Pradeep Sadasivan Pillai, Thomas Iype Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research 2016; May Vol – 10(5) : FC07-FC10
12 Vitamin E improves quality of life in patients with alcoholic liver disease Bhanu Prakash Kolasani, Prasanand Sasidharan, Divyashanthi C M, AdithiyaKumar National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology NJPPP, April 2016; 6(3).
13 A prospective comparative Study of the Toxicity Profile of 5–flurouracil, Adriamycin, Cyclophosphamide Regime VS Adriamycin, Paclitaxel Regime in Patients with Locally Advanced Breast Carcinoma Jihana Shajahan, Pradeep Sadasivan Pillai and Krishnan Nair Lalithamma Jayakumar Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research 2015; December (1).
14 Loop diuretic-induced hyponatremia: a case report Bhanu Prakash Kolasani, C. M. Divya Shanthi, Prasanand Sasidharan International Journal of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology IJBCP, October 2015; 4(5): 1031-1033
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21 Antibiotics prescribing pattern in the inpatient departments of a tertiary care hospital Ambili Remesh,Samna Salim,A.M.Gayathri,KG Retnavally Archives of Pharmacy Practice 2013, Volume 4, Issue 2

Teaching Staff of Department of Pharmacology
1 Dr. Pradeep S Professor and HOD
2 Dr Prasanand S. Professor
3 Dr. Shajil Anand Justin Associate Professor
4 Dr. Bijila Rani. J Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Bhavana S. Kumar Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Praveen L R Tutor
7 Dr. Kiran L R Tutor
8 Dr. Ajisha Raju R J Tutor
9 Dr. Kevin Renjith Tutor
10 Dr. B . Biju Singh Tutor
11 Dr. Jisha R S Tutor
12 Dr. Dhanush J S Tutor

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