• The department had full strength of faculty as per IMC norms.
  • All the faculty members are full time and some are residing in the campus itself.
  • The biochemistry syllabus is as per the direction given by the Medical Council of India and Kerala University of Health Sciences.
  • The department has a fully fledged laboratory for doing undergraduate Practicals and Research lab for doing special investigations.
  • The department has facilities to train undergraduate, paramedical and nursing courses.

Central Clinical Biochemistry Lab:

A full fledged clinical biochemistry lab is functioning in the basement floor of the OPD Block which caters the needs of patients of both inpatients and outpatients .The art if diagnosis and cure of any diseases is a blessing of God. It is solely based in the true quality diagnosis .Dr.SMCSI Medical College and Hospital is provided with an excellent Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory equipped with state of art automated equipments, qualified and trained staff working 24×7 (ie) round the clock service .Apart from the usual routine investigations we offer hormonal assays. Our other special investigations include electrophoresis, various organ function tests, drug assays, tumor markers and screening tests for metabolic diseases. The Lab is affiliated to External Quality Control Programme of CMC Vellore. Our vision is to bring out the best results that feature the state of cure of disease. The commitment to excellence is the foundation of our reputation and core of our success.

Our mission

Quick Results with Accuracy Reliabity and Quality


Fume cupboards 2
Boiling Water baths, with lids having 8-12 holes 6
Autoclave electric 2
Balance open pan 6
Balance semi micro 2
Balance micro 1
Vortex mixers 1
Urinometers 54
Constant temperature water bath 2
Ryles tube 4
Incubator electric with thermostat 4
Hot air oven 4
Magnetic stirrer 2
Pump vacuum 2
Calorimeter 6
Refrigerator 1(large)
Flame Photometer 2
Thermometers 0-250oC 12
Thermometers 0-110oC 8
Corkborer set 1
Stop watches 4
Spirit lamp 5
Chromatographic chamber 2
Water distillation plant (metallic) 3
All glass distillation apparatus 3
Dessicator large size 6
Dessicator small size 6
Centrifuge clinical for 12 tubes 6
pH meter 3
Homogeniser 3
Microscopes 5
Ultra Violet (U.V) lamp 1
Tools for small workshop for glass blowing and mending nil
Bottle dispensers 15
Sampler(autopipettes) different volume range 11
Electrophoresis apparatus with power supply for paper PAGE AGAROSE 6
Spectrophotometer 1
Binocular research microscopes 2
Glass ware as required by standard lab. Like pipettes, beakers and conical flasks, etc. as required available
Gas Burners (with gas connections) 50

Poster Presentation

Sl. No Topic Author Remarks
1 Myeloperoxidase, Paroxanase – 1 and Lipid Profile in atrovastatin versus Rosuvastatin treated chronic Coronary Artery Patients Sowmya Varadhan Bioradiance 2015 at Pushpagiri Research Centre
2 Ratio of Triglycerides to HDL Cholestrol and Markers of Liver Injury in Diabetes Mellitus Sowmya Varadhan Advances in Laboratory Practice 2015


Sl. No Topic Authors Journal Remarks
1 Trends in awareness and use of cosmetics among medical students – a study from a medical college in south Kerala, India Joan Felicita Samson, Mariam Philip, Arjun C, Soumya Varadan International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research ISSN:2393-915X, 2454-7379 Volume 4 Issue 6 June 2017
2 Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics on Female Infertility with Special Emphasis on Polycystic Ovarian Sydrome Josey Ann Jiji, Arun William, Aneesh P, Leenamma Joseph ,Lija L Raju ,Viji Krishnan ,Dinesh Roy D International Journal of Advanced Research ISSN:2320-5407,February 2017,5(2), 483-488
3 Androgen Excess and Genetic Instabilities in Anovulatory Infertility Arun William Indian Journal of Applied Research ISSN 2249 – 555X Volume 6 Issue 4 April 2016
4 Ratio of Triglycerides to high density Lipoprotein Cholesterol and Makers of liver injury in diabetes mellitus Sowmya Varadhan and Supriya Simon A Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Vol 8 Issue 6 (Nov-Dec)2015
5 Role of oxidant stress in rheumatoid arthritis Dr Lekshmi G.S International Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research 2015;6(04):371-376
6 Evidence of Increased Oxidative Stress and DNA Damages in Oligospermia Arun William International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research ISSN 2229-5518 Volume 6 Issue 5 May 2015
7 High density lipoproteins and physical fitness: Do they go hand in hand? Dr Sneha Henry and Bharti Uppal National Journal of Basic Medical Sciences 2014;Vol4(3): 147-150
8 A Mini Review of an Oppurtunistic Pathogen Chryseobacterium SP Arun William World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences ISSN 2278-4357 Volume 3 Issue 4 599-605 2014 April

Teaching Staff of Department of Biochemistry
1 Dr. Vijatha Thomas Professor and HOD
2 Dr. Sajitha G. R Associate Professor
3 Dr. Sowmya Varadhan Associate Professor
4 Dr. R.B. Grashia Packia Stary Senior Resident
5 Dr. Vivek L R Tutor
6 Dr. Anuraj R. S Tutor
7 Dr. Viswanath. S Tutor
8 Dr. Praveen Lekshman Tutor

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Dr. Vijatha Thomas

Professor and HOD (MD)

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