Dr. Somervell Memorial Medical College and Hospital is managed by South Kerala Medical Mission (SKMM) that comes under South Kerala Diocese.

Aims & Objectives of the SKMM

The main objective of the Medical Mission is to provide better healthcare facilities to the people below poverty line in and around Trivandrum and Kanyakumari districts. The administrative responsibilities are handled by the Medical Board and a Secretary appointed by the Executive Committee of SKMM. The Medical Board and the Medical College Governing Board are two committees constituted under the South Kerala Medical Mission.

Executive Committee

The Medical Mission’s affairs are managed by a Executive Committee.

Officers of the Governing Council

1.       Rt. Rev.V S Francis        -   Chairman

2.       Dr T T Praveen               -   Administrative Secretary, SKD

3.        Rev Jayaraj J                   -    Secretary, Pastoral Board

4.       Er Nibu Jacob Varkey       -   Comptroller

5.       Dr. P. Stanley Jones          -   Secretary, SKMM

6.       Dr. J. Bennet Abraham     -   Director, Dr. SMCSIMCH

7.       Dr. J Anusha Merline       -   Principal, Dr.SMCSIMCH

8.       Dr. S. Babu Raj                 -  Medical Superintendent, Dr. SMCSIMCH

9.       Prof. Dr. Suja Baby          -   Principal, CSI College of Nursing

10.    Rev. A R Suseel                -   HOD, Chaplaincy Department


Last updated at: 10-07-2024

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