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The Chaplaincy Department of Dr. SM CSI Medical College & Hospital, Karakonam provides spiritual care and assistance to the needy and the sick. The Chaplaincy Department is also keen on catering the diverse spiritual needs and wishes of the entire Karakonam family comprising – Doctors, nurses, students, staff and the patients. The department works in partnership with the doctors and allied medical staff to ensure the holistic well being of the patients as well as the bystanders, covering the all aspects of their lives. It strives to continue the ministry of health and healing practiced by Jesus Christ. Moreover, the Chaplaincy Department envisions the empowerment of the people by transforming their lives. By being with them in their crisis situations and enabling them to face the difficult times in life, the department offers valuble service to those in need, around the clock. At present, the Chaplaincy department functions with the service of Rev. T. Devaprasad as the HOD of the department, Dev. Deva Godwin as the Honorary Chaplain (2007 onwards), along with 11 other chaplains.


The origin of chaplaincy services at the Karakonam Hospital dates back to 1987. Upon the instructions of the then Bishop Most. Rev. Dr. I. Jesudasan, the presbyter of the CSI SKD Karakonam New Church was appointed as the Chaplain of the karakonam hospital. Thus from 1987 to 1992, Rev. M. Selvaraj, the then pastor of the Karakonam New Church served as the chaplain of the hospital, along with his parish ministry. Rev. Somadas, who took charge of the Karakonam New Church succeded him and served as the chaplain from May 1992 to April 1997. In May 1997, Rev. A.R Suseel was appointed as presbyter in Karakonam New Church and he carried forward the ministry of chaplaincy as well.

However, in May 1998 Bishop Most. Rev. Dr. J.W Gladstone apppointed Rev. A. R Suseel as the first full time Chaplain of the hospital and he continued his service till April 2000. From May 2000, Rev. Wilfred took the charge of the Karakonam New Church and he served as the Chaplain till April 2002. Then in 2002, the hospital was upgraded to Medical College. In May 2002, Rev. M.R Sathyadas Prasad was appointed as the Warden of the Men’s hostel, along with his parish ministry at CSI Kurisumuttam. Later in May 2003 he was appointed as the full time Warden of the Men’s hostel and as Chaplain of the hospital.

As the hospital was upgraded, the Department of Chaplaincy was formed in November 2003 to meet the needs, and Rev. Dr. L.E Sahanam was appointed as the Head of The Department. With his initiative, a monthly newsletter titled PULSE started publication in December 2003. From 2005, Rev. M.R Sathyadas Prasad suceeded Rev. Dr. L.E Sahanam as the HOD of the Department and continued till April 2007. From May 2007, Rev. Dr. Ben Gladstone took the charge of the Deaprtment and continued till April 2009. Rev. Deva Godwin who was the Presbyter in Faith United Methodist Church, Miami, Florida also joined the Department as Honorary Chaplain from 2007. Rev. Dr. J.T Sam suceeded Rev. Dr. Ben Gladstone as the HOD from May 2009 and served till April 2011.

From May 2011, Rev. Dr. L Mohanadas took the charge of Chaplaincy Department and he continued till April 2016. During his tenure, in 2011, evangelists such as Evt. S. Aji Kumar, Evt. T. K Aji Kumar, Evt. M. Devaraj, Evt. L.C Godson Raj, Evt. M. Jayakumar, Evt. P.J Jesudas, Evt. P. Lalu, Evt. A.R Noble, Evt. C. Raju, Evt. B.L Samson Das, Evt. C.S Shine Das, Evt. Wilsaraj, Evt. T. Shibi were appointed as part time Chaplains to do patient visits and allied services. In 2013, Evt. N.J Johny, Evt. Nazrem Kumar, Evt. Devarajan. M, Evt. Pathrose, Evt. T.K Prasad, Evt. M.K Rijosh, Evt. S. Vijayadas, Evt. D. Vijayaraj were also appointed as part-time Chaplains. Rev. Salin P. Johnson suceeded Rev. Dr. L Mohanadas as the HOD of the Department from May 2016 and he continued till April 2017.

Rev. A. Manoharan served as the HOD of the Department from May 2017 to June 2017, and was succeded by Rev. Dr. R. Jayaraj from July 2017, who was the then Senior Manager, General Administration. Kids ministry among the Karakonam family was started during his tenure. In September 2017, Rev. T.S Rajeev was appointed as the full-time Chaplain and he continued till April 2018. From June 2018, Rev. J. Anil Kumar joined the department as Full-time Chaplain.

In May 2019, Rev. T. Deva Prasad, who was the then Purchase Manager of the Hospital and the Warden of the Men’s Hostel , suceeded Rev. Dr. R. Jayaraj, as the HOD of the Department. Rev. H. Glastin, Rev. P. Mathias and Rev. Robert Nixon were appointed as part-time chaplain from May 2019. Evt. Shiju R. Das joined as part-time chaplain from June 2019 and Evt. Sajin. N, Evt. Adarsh N.R, Evt. Aneesh Nelson, Evt. Shaju. K joined the department as part-time chaplains from July 2019. Rev. Ajilal E.S was appointed as full-time Chaplain from August 2019.


Our Mission is to offer excellent spiritual care, emotional support, guidance and education to the patients, families, staff and students of Dr. S.M CSI Medical College and Hospital, Karakonam and the community at large, for their healing, growth and well-being.


  • To give glory and honor to God.
  • To develop a clinical pastoral education programme.
  • To take initiative and leadership in linking the medical institution and community for preventive education, medicine and service.

We Provide

  • Sunday community worships ( in 3 languages)
  • Eucharistic service
  • Daily prayers and devotion
  • OP department prayers
  • Chain prayer
  • Chaplain on call
  • Bedside holy communion
  • Counselling and guidance sessions
  • Congregational visits
  • Spiritual classes for students
  • Training programmes for chaplains
  • ‘Pulse’ –Newsletter
  • Medical help for poor patients
  • Free food for the needy
  • Spiritual empowerment programmes
  • Retreat for staff and students
  • ‘Mahanaim’ – annual retreat for MBBS students
  • ‘Siloam’ – annual retreat for nursing and paramedical students
  • Special prayer room for counselling and personal devotion
  • Regular visits to the In-patients
  • Hostel visits
  • Palliative care
  • Chaplaincy choir

Our Chaplains

  • Rev.T. Devaprasad, HOD
  • Rev. Deva Godwin, Honorary Chaplain
  • Rev.H. Glastin
  • Rev. Ajilal E.S
  • Evg.T. Wilsraj
  • Evg. Vijayadas. S
  • Evg. Raju.C
  • Evg. R. Nazrenkumar
  • Evg. Johny.N. J
  • Evg. Shiju R. Das
  • Evg. Shaju. K
  • Evg. Adarsh N.R
  • Evg. Aneesh Nelson

Our Worships

Morning Worship @Albany Chapel 7.30 a.m to 8 a.m
Daily Prayer @OPD 8.15 a.m to 8.25 a.m
Sunday Worship 8.30 a.m (Malayalam) & 6.30 p.m (English) @ Gallery Hall, 9.45 a.m (Tamil) @ Albany Chapel
Holy Communion – 1st day of every month – 7.30 am (English), 1st Sunday, 8.30 am (Malayalam), 3rd Sunday, 6.30 pm (English)
Praise and Worship – Every Wednesday @ Gallery Hall 06.30 p.m, Every Friday @ Albany Chapel 06.30 pm.

Contact Us

The Department of Chaplaincy
Dr.SM CSI Medical College & Hospital, Karakonam
Phone: 0471 3074 000, Extn 2137
E-mail: chaplaincydrsmcsi@gmail.com

Last updated at: 17-03-2021

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