The department is dedicated to providing excellent patient care and outstanding education to students and residents. We are committed to provide the best available treatment for all conditions of musculoskeletal system from newborns to the elderly. All manners of trauma cases are managed with latest implants and techniques.

OPD Timings

Regular OPD’s are conducted daily from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM including Sundays.

Clinical Activities

  • We have 24X7 emergency services available, providing expert management at all times with Operation theatre facilities round the clock.
  • Arthoplasties of hip, knee, shoulder and elbow are performed.
  • Arthroscopy of hip, shoulder, knee, ankle including reconstruction of cruciate ligament, menisectomy etc are routinely performed and Rotator cuff repairs of the shoulder are also regularly done.
  • Ilizarov technique have been used on many patients as needed.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma preparations in various settings like non healing ulcers, epicondylitis, plantar fascitis etc were undertaken with good results.
  • Spine surgeries for disc problems and spinal stenosis and trauma are done on a regular basis
  • Paediatric orthopaedics services are provided for the entire spectrum of problems like CTEV, CHD, CP arthrogyposis, Vertical talus, Blounts disease etc.
  • The department contributed to the conduct of peripheral and base hospital camps conducted round the year.

Specialty Clinics:
  • Spine Clinic – Monday
  • Clubfoot – Tuesday
  • Rheumatology – Wednesday
  • MDC – Thursday
  • Arthroplasty - Friday
  • Arthroscopy – Saturday
Teaching and Academic Activities

Regular classes for MBBS students, post graduate MS Orthopaedics are conducted with seminars, ward rounds, journal presentations, case discussions and topic presentations.
The M.S Post Graduate course was recognized in July 2016 by the MCI. Our first post graduate student passed in the exam conducted in July 2016.

CME Programmes and Fellowships

To achieve academic and clinical excellence so as to offer the best treatment to our patients, all our faculty regularly attend various CME programmes and training sessions all over the country and abroad.

  • Advanced training in Arthroscopy was attended by Prof. Cherian and Dr. Mithun.
  • The national conference IOACON 2016 was attended by majority of our faculty.
  • DR. Roshan attended the national Rheumatology conference IRACON 2016.
  • The state conference KOACON 2016 was also attended by most of our faculty.
Awards for the faculty
  • Dr. Midhun Krishnan was selected as Associate editor of the International Journal of Orthopaedics in Feb 2017.
  • Poster presentations by Dr. Rithuraj at IOACON 2016 and Dr. Hany Hameed at KOACON 2017.

Sl. No Topic Author Guide
1 Functional outcome of Pertrochanteric Fractures treated with PFNAII Dr Hany Hammed Dr Cherian Jacob
2 Evaluation of Functional outcome of Intra articular injection of Hyaluronic Acid in treatment of osteoarthritis Knee Dr Rithu Raj Dr Samson Nessiah
3 Functional and radiological assessment of distal radius fracture treated with cercutaneous 5 pin technique Dr Nithin Thomas Dr Cherian Jacob


Sl. No Topic Author Journal Remarks
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Teaching Staff of Department of Orthopaedics
1 Dr. Samson Nessiah Professor
2 Dr. C. Justin Moses Associate Professor
3 Dr. W.H. Isaac Sundar Sen Associate Professor
4 Dr. Binoy C. P Assistant Professor
5 Dr. P. S. Nithin Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Hany Hameed Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Acksen T. Raja Assistant Professor
8 Dr. M. V. Sudhakar Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Roshan. D Assistant Professor
10 Dr. T. Sriram Assistant Professor
11 Dr. Ebenezer . E Assistant Professor
12 Dr. Manu K. T Senior Resident
13 Dr. Babloo Thomas Mani Senior Resident
14 Dr. Thomas Baby Senior Resident
15 Dr. Sharon G. Samuel Junior Resident
16 Dr. Libin Sanjeev. L Junior Resident
17 Dr. Vivek Mathew Pulickal Junior Resident
18 Dr. Chrisphin Christy Christhudasan Junior Resident
19 Dr. Akhil. S Junior Resident
20 Dr. Alex Thomas. N Junior Resident
21 Dr. Rahul R. J Junior Resident
22 Dr. M. Felix Raj Junior Resident

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