Forensic Medicine

The department which started functioning in the year 2002 is now headed by Prof.Kurian Kuriakose, MD who retired from Govt.Medical College,Thiruvananthapuram.


Teaching is done for MBBS students of III, IV and V Semesters. The results of University examination so far had been 92-100 % which is a Res Ipsa Loquitur.

A museum with 82 mounted specimens,112 unmounted specimens,103 weapons,11 models, 222 poisons,55 charts, 356 photographs etc was appreciated by all.

A library with 121 books and Indian and International journals also is available.

One more demonstration hall was set up in view of increase in MBBS intake from 100 to 150 students.

The results continued to be good even after the college was brought under Kerala University of Health Sciences.

Other Activities

An exhibition conducted 2 months ago attracted a lot of general public.

Medico Legal

A fully equipped autopsy room with two tables and cold chamber having a capacity to keep 5 bodies and 2 mobile mortuaries are the other assets of the department.

The HoD of Forensic Medicine is the chairman of the Institutional Scientific Committee and a member of the Human Ethics committee. He is the co-ordinator of anti-ragging committee and a member of the discipline monitoring committee. He is also a member of PTA executive committee.


Weighing machine, dial type human 2
Equipment for reporting height 2
Balance chemical 1
Balance, single pair for weighing foetus 1
Weighing machine for weighing dead bodies 1
Weighing machine for organs 2
Folding metal scale tp measure upto 7 ft 1
Steel tape roll 2
Warnier Calipers 1
Autopsy tables 2
Styker autospy saw, with accessories 2
Hacksaw 4
Dissection sets, consisting of cartillage knife bone cutting forceps scissors, straight and curved Enterotome scaples, knives with spare blades, probe metal scale graduated in cms. Etc. 4
Rib. Shears, right and left 4
Viscerotome with attachement for illumunation (Batteryoperated) 1
SLR camera with accessories 1
Microscope student types 30
Microscope Binocular, research 2
Stopwatch 2
X’ray view box one in four 4
View box two in one 3
B.P Apparatus 4
Anthropometric set 1
Automatic tissue processing machine 1
Microtome with knife 1
Hot plates 1
L.Modes 16
Leather strops 2
Parafin Bath Embedding 1
Slide warming table 1
Stone carbanandon 1
Water bath (Tissue flowing) 1
Distilation plant 1
Brain knife 4
Block holder 40
Digital Spectrometer 1
Digital pH meter nil
Electric Auto Slide Projecter nil
Glass cutting pencil 1
Hand set heat sealer 1
Spectroscope lens with adjustable slit 2
Refrigerators 1
Cold storage for keeping dead bodies available
Deep freezer for keeping tissues 1
Video camera, television and video cassettee recorder 1 each
Instrument cabinet, instrument, trolly, filing cabinet with folders, filing cabinets for alimirahs etc. available
Computer 1


Sl. No Topic Authors Journal Remarks
1 Fall from height – patterns of injuries V Prathapan and B Umadethan International Journal of Biomedical Research 2015

Teaching Staff of Department of Forensic Medicine
1 Dr. Sreekumari. K Professor and HOD
2 Dr. N. A. Balaram Professor
3 Dr. Saritha Ebeneezar Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Nandhana P S Tutor
5 Dr. Rexin F Babu Tutor
6 Dr. Alwin Raj. S Tutor

Last updated at 10-06-2024

Dr. Sreekumari. K

Professor and HOD (MD)

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