The department of ENT is one of the most well equipped departments of Dr. SMCSI MCH, with experienced faculty and instruments. The department has adjusted well with the advancement of medical technology. With the advent of modern day telescopes and operating microscopes, the department now handles various ear-nose-throat and neck disorders efficiently and precisely. All faculty members hone their skills through periodical participation in conferences, CMEs and workshops.

ENT department offers clinical treatment in the following broad areas:

Otology: Management of all ear diseases in adults and children, including offering a wide range of surgical services like tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy, stapedotomy, stapedectomy, cochlear implants etc. Management of facial nerve paralysis is also addressed.

Rhinology: The department manages most of the rhinological diseases including sinusitis and benign nasal masses by nasal endoscopy. We perform difficult frontal and sphenoid sinus surgeries routinely with superior results.

Laryngology: We provide solutions to voice problems ably supported by a speech pathologist – therapist. Microlaryngeal surgeries are routinely performed.

Audiology: Audiology offers wide range of services like Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA),Tympanometry, Oto-Acoustic Emission (OAE), Brain-stem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA) and auditory rehabilitation.

Teaching and Academic Activities

The department imparts teaching and practical training to 150 MBBS students per year. This includes theory classes, clinical teaching, seminars and skills lab teaching. The students are subjected to periodic formative and summative assessments. Students and peer feedback on faculty teaching is reviewed and necessary course corrections made.

We also offer Post-graduate training in ENT leading to the award of Masters Degree (MS ENT). The annual intake of 2 post-graduates (2 seats recognized by Medical Council of India), are subjected to intensive clinical training involving seminars, case presentations, journal clubs, guest lectures, thesis reviews, intra departmentalcgroup discussions, clinico-pathological and clinico-radiological group discussions and hands on surgical training.

Departmental Research Lab : There is a well equipped temporal bone lab with Operating Microscope, Temporal bone holder, Micro motor drills with drill bits and suction are available.

Classroom / Demonstration room : Equipped with projector and screen.

Museum : With charts, specimens and models.

OPD Timings and Facilities

  • OPD works on all days from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Audiology Room : Well established sound proof audiology room with clinical audiometer, portable audiometer, impedance audiometry etc. With facilities for PTA, Tympanometry, BERA, OAE etc.
  • Speech Therapy Room : Speech disability therapy given by able speech therapist.
  • Treatment Room : Well equipped with Rigid Nasal Endoscope with camera and monitor, Flexible Nasopharyngolaryngoscope, Serwell Operating Microscope.
  • Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy
  • Flexible Fibre optic Nasopharyngolaryngoscope
  • Microscopy of ear
  • Positional testing
  • Epiley’s Maneouvre

Speciality Clinics (Hospital based)
  • Otology Clinic (once in a week)
  • Rhinology Clinic (once in a week)
  • Vertigo Clinic (once in a week)
  • Auditory Handicap screening and rehabilitation – We conduct regular follow-ups for children suffering from auditory and speech disability therapies are given and summer camps are organized for these children during the vacation period.
Operation Theatre Facilities

    Surgeries for deafness and discharging ears

  • Myringoplasty
  • Tympanoplasty
  • Middle ear reconstruction surgeries
  • Stapedotomy / Stapedectomy
  • Facial nerve decompression
  • Cochlear implantation
  • Surgeries of nose and paranasal sinuses

  • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries (FESS)
  • Septoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Endoscopic Repair of CSF Rhinorrhea
  • Arterial ligation (Sphenopalatine, Ethmoidal, Maxillary and External Carotid) for epistaxis
  • Surgeries for neoplasms and other diseases of nose and paranasal sinuses (Median Maxillectomy, Endoscopic Frontal Sinus surgeries - DRAF)
  • Surgeries of throat and neck

  • Adenotonsillectomy
  • Surgeries for salivary glands
  • Upper aero-digestive endoscopy for adults
  • Microlaryngeal surgeries
  • Treatment for snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome such as Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty
Community Services

    The department of ENT aims to reduce preventable deafness in the community along with treatment of diseases pertaining to ear, nose, throat and head & neck. It has now grown into a tertiary centre providing comprehensive services to the community irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

    Community Outreach Programmes:
  • Deafness Screening Camp : We conduct camps in various villages of Trivandrum and Kanyakumari to identify people with deafness to provide primary, secondary and tertiary care. This deafness can be identified at an early stage so that treatment and rehabilitation can be instituted at appropriate time. Surgeries are conducted without compromising the quality of surgery and at an afoordable cost. Patients who cannot afford are treated free of cost.
  • School Screening Programme:
  • The school screening programmes mainly focus on the detection and correction of children with hearing loss and rehabilitation with hearing auds or even surgical interventions if necessary.

(I) O.P.D
Nasal speculum 16
Tongue depressor 10
Laryngeal mirrors 10
Nasopharyngeal mirrors 4
Aural Speculum 4
Ear Suction 2
Nasal Suction 2
Suction apparatus 1
Siegles speculum 1
Tuning fork (512 Hz) 1
Otoscope 4
Bayonet forceps 1
Bulls lamp 1
Head lamp 1
ENT examination chair 4
Jobson Horne probe 1
Sterilizer 1
BP Apparatus 1
Stethoscope 1
Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy set Biopod 2 sets
Boyle-Davis mouth gap 2 sets
Tonsil holding forceps 2 sets
Tonsil dissector and pillar retractor 1
Tonsil snare 1
Burkit artery forceps 1
Negus artery forceps 1
Negus knot tier 1
Adenotome 1
Adenoid curette 1
Yankauer oropharyngeal suction tip 1
Set for nasal bone fracture Asch forceps 1
Walsham forceps 1
Septoplasty set Bayonet forceps 1
Fish tail gouge and mallet 1
Caldwl Iuc set Nasal gouge 1
Nasal gouge 1
Mallet 1
Ribbon Retractor 2
Cheek Retractor 2
Antrostomy set 1
Antral 2
Retrograde gouge 1
Antral rasp 1
* FESS set 1
* Rigid nasal endoscope 0 1
* Rigid nasal endoscope 70 1
* Light source 1
* Sickle knife 1
* Retrograde punch 1
* Blakesley forceps – straight 1
40 upturn 1
Direct laryngoscopy set 1
Anterior commissure 1
Laryngoscope 1
Negus laryngoscope 1
Lighting system for laryngoscopes 1
Biopsy forceps 1
Foreign body removal forceps 1
Laryngeal suctions 1
*Microlaryngoscopy set 1
* Kleinsasser’s laryngoscope 1
* Fibroptic lighting syste 1
* Suspension system for Laryngoscope 1
* Microlaryngeal cup forceps 1
* Microlaryngeal scissors 1
* Tympanoplasty set
* Aural speculum
* Drum curette 4
* Microsuction 2
* Graft knife 1
* Graft press 1
* Mastoidectomy set
* Mallet 1
* Gouge 4
* Endaural retractor/ post aural retractor 2
* Electric drill (motor, handpiece and burrs)
* Mastoid seeker 1
* Aditus seeker 1
* Malleus head nipper 1
* Stapedectomy set 1
* Pick – straight angled 1
* Perforator 1
* Measuring rod 1
* Prosthesis crimper 1
* Oesophagoscopy set
Lighting 3
Biopsy forceps 1
Foreign body removal forceps 1
Suction 1
Oesophageal dilators 1 set
*Bronchoscopy set 2
*Bronchoscopes 1
* Bronchoscopes 1
* Lighting system 1
* Biopsy forceps 1
* Foreign body removal forceps 1
* Suction 1
* Optional for MBBS
Tracheostomy set
Needle holder
Bard parker knife handle 1
Ribbon right angled retractors 1
Curved arteries 2
Straight arteries 4
Cricoid hook 1
Tracheal dilator 1
Antral wash set Trocar 2
Canula 2
Higginsons syringe 2
Direct laryngoscopy set 1
Laryngoscope – Anterior 1
Commissure Negus
Lighting system 1
Biopsy forceps 1
Foreign body removal forceps 1
Sterilizer Available
Aural Syringe Available
Tracheostomy set Available
Intubaton set Available
Cricothyrotomy set Available
Quinsy forceps Available
Laryyngeal forceps Available
Aural snare Available
Aura cup forceps Available
*Semi Intensive Care Unit (4 beds) Available
* Central suction Available
* Oxygen Available
* Humidifier Available
* Optional for MBBS
Operating microscope for major operation theatre 1
for minor operation theatre 1
Puretone audiometer 2
Impedance audiometer 1
BERA/OAE Available
*Temporal bone lab Microscope Available
* Drill 1
*Mastoid set 1
* Optional for MBBS
Flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscope 1
Electronystagmograph -
Brainstem evoked response audiometer 1
Goggles, plastic apron, gloves for examination of patients with
biohazard( HIV and Au positive
1 set

Paper Presentation

Sl. No Topic Author Remarks
1 Left Acute Otitis Media with Left Facial Nerve Palsy Dr Harsha Varghese 15th Kerala State Annual Conference of Association of Otolaryngologists in India KENTCON 2016


Sl. No Topic Author Journal Remarks
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2 A study of sensorineural hearing loss in patients with hypothyroidism in a tertiary health care center Harsha Varghese, Sajilal Manonmony, Rejee Ebenezer Renjit Orissa Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Vol.-13, Issue-II, December - 2019, ISSN 0974-5262
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11 Normative Data for Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential in Different Age Groups Among a Heterogeneous Indian Population Feroze K. Khan, Achamma Balraj, and Anjali Lepcha Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery 2014 Jun; 66(2): 149–154. Published online 2013 Nov 6. doi: 10.1007/s12070-013-0685z
12 A comparison between conventional stapedectomy and KTP532 laser stapedectomy R Singh, DR Nayak, P Hazarika, S Manonmani, D Dosemane, P Randev Indian Journal of Otology 2012 18:122-4
13 Malignant otitis externa: An unusual presentation Rejee Ebenezer, Feroze Khan, Sasikumaran Nair, Sajilal M Indian Journal of Otology July 2011 , Vol 17, Issue 3

Teaching Staff of Department of ENT
1 Dr. Rejee Ebenezer .R Professor and HOD
2 Dr. M. Sajilal Professor
3 Dr. Avinash Mohan Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Jithu Godwin . M Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Ranju R. L Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Mani Kurian Mullasseril Senior Resident
7 Dr. Saani Binukuttan Senior Resident
8 Dr Seetha Murali Senior Resident
9 Dr. Camila Jaleel Kolliyil Junior Resident
10 Dr. Jenefer Bilvi Thomas Junior Resident
11 Dr. Gyothis George Junior Resident
12 Dr. Sreepathy Sudheeran Junior Resident
13 Dr. Geethu Elsa Joseph Junior Resident
14 Dr. Sabareesh. K Junior Resident

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Dr. Rejee Ebenezer .R

Professor and HOD (MS, DLO)

(Promoted as Professor on 1.5.2012)

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