General Medicine

Department of Medicine is headed by Dr. S. Gopakumar retired from Government Medical College, Trivandrum, who joined here on 01-06-2009. There are now 2 professors Dr. S. Gopakumar and Dr. R. Mohabnchand retired from AFMC and Army Medical Service. Dr. Kunjamma George is joining as a professor who had worked as professor in Pariyaram Medical College and now working at Kannur Medical College. In addition, Dr. Mathew Thomas retired from Government Medical College Trivandrum is engaged in teaching under graduate students. There are 4 units in Medicine.

Academic Activities

The Department of Medicine is conducting classes for undergraduate students with clinical demonstrations class, lecture class & seminars. We   are planning to start MD (General Medicine) soon.

The students of 2011 batch have secured first 4 ranks in final MBBS exam of July 2011.

House surgeons are posted to all the units and put in regular duties and are given training. They also attend camps conducted by Community Medicine Department.

Clinical /Hospital Work
  • We conduct Daily OP from 8.30 AM to 1:30 PM. In addition, we conduct afternoon OP from 2.30 - 3.30 PM to cater to morning OP patients who come in afternoon with results of various investigations. We also conduct evening OP from 4:00. -6:00 PM by consultants. We have total bed strength of 135 beds.
  • We have a fully equipped MICU with 15 beds which consists of main area, intermediate area for septic cases. MICU is looked after by emergency medicine consultant.
  • We have an efficient casually service to attend to cases throughout 24 hours and is being looked after by casualty medical officer as well as emergency medicine consultant.
CME programmes

We conduct regular CME programmes for interns and junior doctors.Departmental faculty attend CME programmes and Conferences.


B.P Apparatus 34
Ophthalmoscope 7
Lumbar puncture needles(disposable) Adequate
Haemocytometer 4
Light Microscope 2
Haemoglobinometer 4
Centrifuge Machine 2
Urinometer 2
Plural biospy needle(disposable) Adequate
Liver biopsy needle(disposable) Adequate
Kidney Biospy needle(disposable) Adequate
X-ray viewing box 20
Overhead projector 2
Upper GI endoscope 0
Colonoscope 1
Sigmoidoscope 1
Proctoscope 5
Facilities for doing tests for malabsorption Available
Ultra sound machine 1
Fiberoptic bronchoscope 2
Spirometer 1
Bed side cardiac monitors 12
Central Cardiac monitor console 1
Defibrillator 6
Non invasive B.P Apparatus 15
Pulse Oxymeter 12
Equipment for cardiac pacing 1
Ambu bag 12
Laryngoscope 12
ECG Machine 10
Echocardiography machine 1
Tread Mill test machine 1
Haemodialysis machine 6
Peritoneal dialysis catheters Adequate
Arterial blood gas analyser 2
Na/K analyser 2
Equipment for measuring diffusion capacity 0
Mocroprocessor based spectrometer 2
Gamma Cameras -
Glucometer 6
Radiosotope scan laboratory -
Electro Encephalogram (EEG) machine 1
EMC and nerve conduction 1
Fine needle aspiration needle Adequate
Aspiration needle Adequate
Torches 32
Patient examination table 35
Rubber Hammer 40
Reagents for doing Gram’s and Ziehk Neilson staining Adequate
Computer (one for each medical unit) 4
Radiopagers Nil
Endrotracheal tubes Adequate
Emergency lights 8
LCD Projector 1
Multi channel monitor 9
Ventilator 5
Infusion pump 6
Syringe pump 4
Computer 1

On-Going Researches

Sl. No Topic Author
1 Evaluation Chronic of COPD in Rural woman Dr. SK Mathew
2 Study Title the clinical Characteristics , metabolic profile and magnitude of insulin resistance in patients with NAFLD Dr. Unnikrishnan

Paper Presentation

Sl. No Topic Author Remarks
1 A study of Febrile illness with throbocytophenia Dr. SK Mathew APICON 2015
2 New Corrigan’s Sign – A Sign of systemic hypertension Dr S.K Mathew APICON 2014


Sl. No Topic Authors Journal Remarks
1 Correlation between Anti TPO Ab and FNAC in diagnosis of Hypothyroidism Dr Anna C Das Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences 2015
2 Ondansetron induced Life threatening Hypokalemia Dr. SK Mathew Journal of Associations of Physicians of India 2013
3 A case of Hypokalemic Paralysis Dr Denis Koshy Kerala Rheumatology Journal 2013

Teaching Staff of Department of General Medicine
1 Dr. Manikanda Kumaran. R Senior Resident
2 Dr. Deepu Rajendran Assistant Professor
3 Dr. B. Femin Glora Junior Resident
4 Dr. Shijin V. S Junior Resident
5 DR. Cinthea Stuvert Junior Resident
6 Dr. Y. A. Jensima Junior Resident
7 Dr. Beshma G. Joba Junior Resident
8 Dr. Vannya M. S Junior Resident
9 Dr. Jaison Varghese Senior Resident
10 Dr. Kavitha Vikram. V. K Junior Resident
11 Dr. Alexander Paul. k Senior Resident
12 Dr. S. Gopa kumar Professor and HOD
13 Dr. R. Mohanchand Professor
14 Dr. C Manohar Associate Professor
15 Dr. Anup. N Associate Professor
16 Dr. J. Jacob Justin Associate Professor
17 Dr. Gireesh G. K Assistant Professor
18 Dr. Renjith James Assistant Professor
19 Dr. Anna C Das Assistant Professor
20 Dr. Dennis Koshy Assistant Professor
21 Dr. Ramani P N Assistant Professor
22 Dr. Deepthi .S Assistant Professor
23 Dr Jafrine Nishanth P Assistant Professor
24 Dr. Sabu Augustine Assistant Professor
25 Dr. Amith. N Assistant Professor
26 Dr. Shibu Raj. P. S Assistant Professor
27 Dr. Imanto M. Joseph Senior Resident
28 Dr. Pratheep Raj. J. E Senior Resident
29 Dr. Praveen Immanuel. S Senior Resident
30 Dr. J.E. Eebilin Senior Resident
31 Dr. Dhanus Sadasivan Nair Senior Resident
32 Dr. Ajison Bose. S Junior Resident
33 Dr. Anjana N.K Junior Resident
34 Dr. Ashyma. A Junior Resident
35 Dr. Aswathy J Junior Resident
36 Dr. Anju D. Solomon Junior Resident
37 Dr. K Vasanthi Junior Resident
38 Dr. Jisha G. Sathyan Junior Resident
39 Dr. Nimmi P. Raj Junior Resident
40 Dr. Gleamine P. Selvam Junior Resident
41 Dr. Aswathy V. Lakshmy Junior Resident
42 Dr. Sweetline. C Junior Resident
43 Dr. Jenix Nathan. Y. A Junior Resident
44 Dr. Fibi C. S Junior Resident
45 Dr. Arya. J Junior Resident
46 Dr. Ligi Raj D. A Junior Resident
47 Dr. Animol Iyyankutty Junior Resident
48 Dr. Sanjeev. J Das Junior Resident
49 Dr. Deepa. R. Anand Junior Resident
50 Dr. Carolyn Nisiya. T Junior Resident

Dr. S. Gopa kumar

Professor and HOD (MD)

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