Department of Anaesthesia was started in 2002. The department is having sufficient number of faculty viz., Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Senior Residents and Juniors Residents. All the faculties are actively involved in the patient management and academic activities throughout the year.

The department of anaesthesia is managing 11 major operation theatres. This is in addition to a casualty theatre and a septic theatre. All the operation theatres are well equipped. All the theatres have roof fitted multi arm, shadow less operation theatre lights having sophisticated cool bulbs. Each theatre is having a high quality, electrically operated operation table with all the accessories. All major surgeries can be done on these tables. Patients can be placed in any position on these tables using the specially designed accessories.

All the operation theatres are provided with high end anaesthesia machines with ventilators and multipara monitors. Dedicated theatres are available for all specialities. At present General surgery, ENT, Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics, Pediatric Surgery, Urology, Neuro Surgery, Facio Maxillary Surgery and Gynecology are available.

The department is having a department library and a lecture hall in the theatre complex itself. More than 120 books are available in the department library. In addition, anaesthesia books are also available in the Central Library. National and international Journals are available. The lecture hall is equipped with LCD projector and audiovisual equipments. The lecture hall is having a seating capacity for 50 individuals.

Teaching and Academic activities

Anaesthesia department is having teaching programs for MBBS students and MBBS interns throughout the year on rotation basis. The department also has a post graduate M.D program. At present two PG students are admitted per year. Also the department runs a course for anaesthesia technicians. This diploma course (Diploma in Operation Theatre & Anesthesia Technology) admits fifteen students per year and the duration is two years.

Clinical Activities

The department provides emergency services 24 hours of the day. A separate Gynec casualty is functioning, in the department under the supervision & presence of the duty consultant, PG student, house surgeon & staff nurse.

Elective surgeries are done on all the working days. Emergency surgeries are done in all the days including the Sundays and all the nights.

Pre Anaesthetic Assessment Clinic: The department is running a Pre Anaesthetic Assessment Clinic. This clinic is managed by a senior faculty. The department also manages Pain Clinic and a Palliative Clinic.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation programmes: The department runs a program in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation throughout the year. MBBS Interns are trained on a rotation basis through this program.

Intra operative Pain Management and post operative pain management are carried out routinely for all the major surgeries.

Research Activities:

In addition to the regular activities, lot of researches is also underway in the department. Faculty and the post graduate students are taking part in the research activities.


OPD – Anaesthesia Clinic
Blood Pressure Instrument (Non-Invasive) 1
Weighing machine 1
Height scale 1
Ward (Recovery) 1
Resucitation equipments (CPR) 1
Adult Dummy 1
Paediatric dummy 1
Artificial breathing bag with face masks 1
Defibrillator 2
Suction machine
Electrical 8 central suction available
Manual 5
Oxygen therapy unit 4
Pulse oximeter 13
E.C.G Monitor 14
E.T.Co2 Monitor 5
Simple anaesthesia machine with resuscitation equipments and accessories 13
Mechanical ventilator 7
Boyles apparatus 13
Anesthesia ventilator 6
Halothene Vaporizer 13
Circle Absorber 13
Bain Circuit 15
Anesthesia gas monitoring system 1
Isoflurane – Vaporizer 2
Multi channel Monitor with ETC02 5
Multi Channel Monitor with IBP 8
ECG Monitor 1
Defibrillator 2
Pulse Oximeter 13
Syringe pump 12
Ambu bag (adult) 15
Ambu Bag (paediatric) 2
Infusion Pump 2
Laryngoscopec(adult) 4
Central Suction Available
Central Medical Oxygen Available
Central Nitrous Qxide Available
Central Medical Compressed Air (4 bar) Available
Central Compresses Air (7 bar ) Available
Electrical Suction Apparatus 8


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Teaching Staff of Department of Anaesthesiology
1 Dr. M. Paul Wilson Professor and HOD
2 Dr. K. Davis Arun Kumar Associate Professor
3 Dr. S. Mohideen Abdul Kadar Associate Professor
4 Dr. Sasidharan Nair. M Associate Professor
5 Dr. Sweetline Subha. M Associate Professor
6 Dr. Vinod Kumar Sudevan Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Mohsina Basheer Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Archana Biju Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Suzanne Prasad Assistant Professor
10 Dr. Mathana. V Assistant Professor
11 Dr. B. Nagarjuna Assistant Professor
12 Dr. Abisha Sahaya Mercyline Assistant Professor
13 DR. Veena. P Senior Resident
14 Dr. Meenu Paul. P Senior Resident
15 Dr. Faiz Ali Mohammed Senior Resident
16 Dr. Sheen Tarsis Senior Resident
17 Dr. Sowmya. J Senior Resident
18 Dr. Aneesh Raj Senior Resident
19 Dr. Raveendran. N Senior Resident
20 Dr. Krishnapriya K. Jeevan Junior Resident
21 Dr. Blessy Rose Joy Junior Resident
22 DR. Chandy Mathew Junior Resident
23 Dr. Mariam Joan Varghese Junior Resident
24 Dr. Deepan. C Junior Resident
25 Dr. Jomy Thomas Junior Resident

Dr. M. Paul Wilson

Professor and HOD ( DA DNB)

(Promoted as Professor on 1.1.2017)

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