Eye Donation

Eye Donation is believed that there are about 1 million people with corneal blindness inIndia. Transplantation of the diseased cornea with a normal transparent cornea can restore useful vision to these unfortunate people useful vision to these unfortunate people and help then lead a fruitful life. However only very few  number of eyes are donated every year and even less number are used for Keratoplasty (cornea transplant). This emphasizes the need for encouraging public to donate their eyes after their death.

  • How can one donate eyes?

Eye donation forms are available in almost all eye care centres and government hospitals which can be filled and returned. Following death of the individual, relatives of the deceased can contact the nearest eye care provider who will reach their home (or hospital) as soon as possible and remove the eyes. Even if the deceased has not filled an eye donation forms, the relatives can contact the nearest eye hospital for eye donation, if they wish to donate the eyes of the deceased.

Whether or not the deceased has filled up an eye donation forms, the final decision to donate eyes lies in the hands of the relatives of the deceased.

Eyes should be removed in less than 6 hours after death.

Once removed, the eyes are stored in special media and patients with corneal blindness whose register is maintained in all hospitals are contacted to perform Keratoplasty on a first come first serve basis.

 Care of eyes before removal 

Keep the eyes closed. Keep a moist piece of clean cloth or cotton over the eyes.

Once the eyes are removed, the lids are kept tightly closed leaving no cosmetic blemish. [ Removal of eyes will not cause any cosmetic disfigurement to the body of the deceased.

  • Who cannot donate eyes ?
  1. Death of unknown cause
  2. Rabies
  3. HIV, HBsAg, Syphilis
  4. Septicemia
  5. Disseminated Malignancies
  6. Extremes of age ( >85 yrs)

Local causes 

  1. Cornea opacity
  2. Eye malignancies
  3. Active infection
  4. Congenital malfomalins

Donate eyes and restore vision to two people



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